Monday, December 31, 2012

New verb invented for 2013: You've been "Nanny-stated"

No more plastic bags at N. Cal stores; as if customers don't have enough to carry in their hands already

From, commenter, GK from Laguna Beach, California:
i drove to san jose yesterday for a job (hwy 152 is still one of the five best drives in california, btw).

upon getting to sj (which i hadn't been to in about a decade) i went to a home depot to pick up a few items. as per usual, i went to the self checkout, since friendly banter with checkout clerks is one of my least favorite activities, especially after what should have been a 6.5 hour drive took 8.5 hours.

i suddenly noticed something was awry...or more importantly, missing...bags! the gal working the island in the midst of the self checkout asks me if i'd like a bag.

"sure", i said, only to have her inform me that it would be $ .10, and paper. i did a quick double take looking for alan funt before i realized i wasn't being had--but in fact--i was being nanny stated. i informed her i could handle my four items chopped wood style, and didn't need any ten cent bags.

sure enough, i googled it when i got back to the hotel. no paper bags allowed in san jose. i won't go into the asshattery involved in this nonsense, i'll just say that every time every i go north of hwy 198, i have to remember where i am.
Editor's comment - What a wonderful new word. Can be used for a multitude of purposes: Mandatory seat belts, helmets on bicycles, transfat bans, bans on salt, smoking bans in bars and restaurants, mandatory health care insurance. Thanks to the Obama State we now have so many new uses for being "Nanny-stated."


Rational Nation USA said...

Laying it all on Obama only serves to notify brain awake individuals that clueless-ness is indeed alive and well in America. Either that or you've been asleep since Eisenhower left office. We've been heading down this path a long while. Regardless of the rEpublican hyperbole and half truths.

The Right Guy said...

Actually, the blame lies with us, all americans.

Rational Nation USA said...

Since yoi put ot that way I must agree. But I leave a footnote; apparently ot is what the people want. Or maybe they don't know what they want.