Monday, December 10, 2012

New Study out of Germany: 80% of native Germans believe Muslims treat women like Scheiße

44% see a coming civil war in Europe between Christians and Muslims; 43% believe Europe is already in a "clash of civilizations"

From, Germany: Image of Islam 'Devastating':
The 28-page study, "Fear of the East in the West" [Die Furcht vor dem Morgenland im Abendland], was produced by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research, and was published by the center-right German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on November 21.

Those who participated in the survey were asked to choose which of 21 statements about Islam most closely reflect their own views.

The research shows that more than half of the German population believes that Islam is prone to violence (64%); has a tendency toward revenge and retaliation (60%); is obsessed with proselytizing others (56%); and strives for political influence (56%).

More than 80% of Germans believe that Islam deprives women of their rights, and 70% say Islam is associated with religious fanaticism and radicalism.

By contrast, only 13% of Germans associate Islam with love for neighbors, 12% with charity and 7% with openness and tolerance.

The high level of mistrust of Islam in Germany is also reflected in other questions. For example, 44% of those surveyed answered "yes" to the question, "Do you think there will be serious conflict between the Western Christian culture and the Arab Muslim culture in the future?" In addition, one quarter of respondents say they believe that such conflict already exists at the current time.

Another question concerns the term "Clash of Civilizations," a concept which states that cultural and religious identity will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world.

The survey shows that 43% of Germans say they believe such a clash is taking place. According to the authors of the report, this represents a majority because only 34% of Germans explicitly disagree with the theory.


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Right... And post-patriarchal feminist society and pornography are the will of God.

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Fuck Islam.

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And Fuck that Muslim piece of shit occupying our White House!

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I am sure someone does and it is not michelle. I heard he liked his personal trainer.

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