Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Maine GOP Chairman a libertarian Republican


Congratulations to New Maine Republican Chairman Rich Cebra - Leadership Change in Maine Signals New Direction for Party Nationwide

WASHINGTON, DC - The Republican Liberty Caucus National Committee proudly congratulates Rich Cebra on his election as Chairman of the Republican Party of Maine this weekend. Rich Cebra is one of our own. He is a RLC endorsee as a two-term State Senator, a former board member of our Maine chapter and a long time RLC member. We expect him to lead the Maine party back to fundamental Republican principles of personal and economic liberty and set an example for Republican state organizations around the nation to follow.

Rich Cebra is not alone. Liberty Republicans also won other top party offices in Maine in a shift in power from the establishment to the grassroots. Republican Liberty Caucus members are rising to positions of leadership within the party in other states. We expect to see a continued groundswell of change around the nation which will bring the party together on strong conservative principles which include real fiscal restraint and an end to the pandering to divisive special interest groups which cost the party the last two national elections.

We see a better future with a renewed Republican party which is more inclusive, more responsive to the grassroots and more welcoming to younger voters. We believe that a commitment to principles of smaller and more responsible government will build a stronger Republican Party which can turn the nation from the current path of disaster which irresponsible leaders of both parties have put it on.

Keep an eye on key states around the country for exciting further developments in Republican Party reform. Watch for former RLC state chairman Andrew Hemingway in his bid for the Chairmanship in New Hampshire and the rise of a likely pro-liberty majorities in a number of key state parties by the Spring.

------ The Republican Liberty Caucus is a grassroots membership organization with chapters in almost every state which promotes the traditional Republican Party valies of limited government and individual liberty.

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