Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New "libertarian" party in Israel aims to reduce government regulations, legalize pot

Green Leaf party holds press conference at popular Tel Aviv brewery

From, "Green Leaf unveils libertarian strain ahead of polls" Dec. 12:
At the party’s campaign launch at the Dancing Camel brewhouse in Tel Aviv on Monday, Roy Iddan, No. 8 on the party list and its campaign manager, said the party is “basically the only libertarian party in Israel and among our broad libertarian agenda we aim to promote decriminalization of cannabis.”

Iddan, a 35-year-old hi-tech worker, husband and father living in Tel Aviv, said the legalization of cannabis would be a boon for Israel’s security.

“Right now the black market sends an estimated half a billion shekels each year to Hezbollah and other criminal and terror enterprises, for no reason basically,” he said.

“Every single political party running this time is somewhere on the socialist spectrum and are talking about more government intervention and higher taxes, and we’re the only party that aside from promoting legalization of cannabis, offers a broad libertarian agenda that appeals to people.”

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