Thursday, December 20, 2012

Neo-Nazis in Sweden stone little Jewish boy, raise Heil Hitler Salute

Where else? Muslim immigrant overrun port city of Malmo

From Arutz Sheva channel 7, "Swedish Bullies Stone Jewish Boy and Yell ‘Heil Hitler’":
Bullies in Malmo, Sweden threw stones and snowballs at a 15-year-old Jewish boy and saluted him with “Heil Hitler” last week, Radio Sweden reported.

The Jewish community of Malmo has been under escalating threats the past few years from Muslims and neo-Nazis, and European Jewish Congress president Dr. Moshe Kantor said last week, "The community is slowly being pushed out; it is dying of 'a thousand cuts.'"

The latest incidents took place over a period of several days, with the snowball and stoning attacks following two “Hitler salutes” earlier in the week.
Editor's comment - Nah, nothing to see here. Move along... Move along now...

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