Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mysterious anti-Obama car parked in downtown Carlsbad, California

From Eric Dondero:

I recently had lunch with an old friend/work associate in downtown Carlsbad, California. We visited a well-known local Mexican cafe. Just a block away, my friend showed me a famous Carlsbad landmark. It's right in front of city hall.

There's one parking space all by itself near the busiest intersection in town. And there's this green car there, all decked out with harsh anti-Obama slogans.

It's parked legally. Mysteriously, the car gets moved every 3 days, following local parking regulations, but then is returned to its spot the next morning.

Folks in town have some theories as to who the owner is.

From Carlsbad Patch.com, April 12, 2012:
The U.S. military has limited the free speech of troops since the Civil War, including not being allowed to criticize civilian leaders like the president. So it's no wonder that (Carlsbad resident) Marine Sgt. Gary Stein is facing discharge for bashing Barack Obama on his Tea Party Facebook page.
Others believe the owner of the car is a local downtown merchant who is able to keep an eye out on the car from his business's window.

No matter. The cool thing is, local elected officials aren't creating a ruckus. They're leaving the car alone. (Carlsbad, in northern San Diego county, is known to lean heavily Republican.)

GO DONDERO: Have an older car just sitting in your driveway, not being used? Why not park it downtown in your city, and plaster it with anti-Obama, hate Democrat slogans. (Photos courtesy - Legal Insurrection)


electromag.11 said...

Because parking an unused car downtown and plasterering it with anti-Obama, hate Democrat slogans really makes an impact on local voters!!

There's nothing like an abandoned car covered with hate slogans to convince a majority of voters that local conservatives deserve a chance to run the community, the state, and the nation.

S said...

Did you look at the picture.Where is the hate speech?Also,since the car is moved regularly,it isn't abandoned.