Sunday, December 23, 2012

Muslims upset with Drag Queen show poking fun at Islam

The performers used a burka in their act

From Eric Dondero:

Aww. Some Muslims in Toronto got offended by a drag queen show by performers in Donnarama. A traveling drag queen show throughout North America, Donnarama regularly pushes the envelope. In this particular performance one of the artists used "A burka, flames and a dynamite-stick corset," during his/her act.

The local Muslim community was not amused.

From the Canadian blog Sassy Wire, Islamophobic drag queen performance in Toronto:
One of those she upset is 27-year-old social worker Rahim Thawer, who brought the performance to light.

On the night of Dec 16, Thawer wanted to end an average weekend on a high. Attending a Church Street drag show seemed the perfect option. But the Donnarama performance was not what he was looking for. “I’m very aware of the drag world and the way it uses race in different ways,” Thawer says. “But nothing has been quite so appalling.”
Editor's comment - Umm, okay, so what in the bloody hell is a Muslim doing at a drag queen show to begin with. Thought that was against their religion or something? (Photo credit -, H/t Blazing Cat...)

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KN@PPSTER said...

"Thought that was against their religion or something?"

Actually, according to the hadith, Mohammed was a cross-dresser, so much so that he claimed he could only be "inspired" when wearing the clothes of his wife A'isha.