Friday, December 14, 2012

Muslim youth gangs now extorting "protection money" from bars in downtown Copenhagen

Native Danes fight back with "Yes to Beer" rally

Jyllands-Posten, Dec. 13, Massiv opbakning til Café Viking:
Flere hundrede mennesker mødte frem for at støtte ejeren, der sagde nej til afpresning. Café Viking på Nørrebro i København er torsdag aften fyldt som aldrig før.

Hundredevis af mennesker er her til aften mødt foran Café Viking. Foto: Niels HougaardSamtidig står op mod 200 mennesker på gaden foran caféen, fordi der ikke var plads til dem indenfor.

Allesammen er de mødt op for at støtte ejeren af Café Viking, Jane Birgitte Pedersen, der tidligere torsdag stod frem og fortalte om, hvordan en bande har forsøgt at presse hende til at betale beskyttelsespenge.
"Several pubs" are being threatened by the Muslims

Translation from Nicolai Sennels.

"Immigrant gangs extort bars at Nørrebro":
Several pubs and shops in Nørrebro in Copenhagen are plagued by extortionists who threaten to trash the places if they do not get money. On Thursday, several shop owners were gathered for a meeting with the police and the municipality in an attempt to stop the coarse methods ... Most recently, unknown men on Tuesday night threw rocks through the windows of the tavern Café Viking on Ægirsgade.

The attack happened while there were guests inside the cafe ... "Some guys came in here and told me that I have to pay to be in their area. I refused. I could be their grandmother, and it simply cannot be justified," says Jane Pedersen ... two additional bars have been subjected to extortion.

Some of the criminals say they come from the (Muslim) gang Brothas in Mjølnerparken. Others say that they represent the (Muslim) gang at Blågårds Plads.
Several hundred people showed up to support the owner who said no to extortion. Café Viking in Nørrebro in Copenhagen Thursday evening is filled as never before.

Hundreds of people show up to support the owner of Café Viking, Jane Pedersen, who earlier Thursday stood up and told publicly how a gang tried to force her to pay protection money.

She received support from both the neighborhood and the people who showed up following a request at the Facebook group "No to Bullies - Yes to beers".
Photo credit - CopenhagenPost, H/t Jihad Watch, Sheikyermami

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