Saturday, December 8, 2012

MSNBC libs baffled by prospective Tim Scott pick for SC Senate

Are Republicans now "post-racial"?

Transcript from Newsbusters:
[MSNBC Host] LUI: I was just looking at some of his firsts. You know, it wouldn't be the first time that he has made history. He was the first African-American elected to congress from South Carolina in 114 years. His election to the Charleston City Council was the first time since Reconstruction an African-American republican was elected to any office in South Carolina since Reconstruction. So he is not new to firsts certainly based on just that little bit of history. But you did mention Barack Obama, you did mention that he's the first African-American president to be re-elected and some have talked about Tim Scott and the president and the idea of being post-racial. Are we there?

HARRIS PERRY: Certainly not. I mean the very fact that we are still sort of breathless in anticipation of the possibility of an appointment of an African-American.
Editor's comment - lovin' life! An absolutely brilliant move by Jim DeMint, Nikki Halley and the SC GOP.

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