Sunday, December 9, 2012

Montana Republicans self-examination with GOP losses: Did the Libertarian Party cause their defeats?

From the Billings Outpost, POLITICAL POTPOURRI, Brad Molnar:
At the Yellowstone Valley Pachyderm Club, (every Friday noon at the Elks Lodge on Lewis Ave; the public is invited) gathered pontificators were outraged at the outcome of the presidential, U.S. Senate and Montana governor’s races.

Solutions ranged from discouraging primaries so capital can be conserved for final victory to the widely held, “Those damn Libertarians gave it to the Dems. How could they not be smart enough to vote for the lesser of two evils? Didn’t they know that Republicans stand for family values, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and adherence to the Constitution?”

At the Republican $50 per plate legislative kickoff dinner held in Helena, Will Deschamps (photo), chairman of the Republican Party, said that “stagnant” people had voted for Libertarians and defeated themselves in their quest for political purity.
Editor's note - We here at LR have always taken the position of "Vote Smart." Yes, Libertarian Party supporters in Montana most certainly should have voted for Republican Denny Rehberg for Senate. Absolute insanity not to do so. Suicide even. At the same time, there are many races nationally where Republicans should back the Libertarian candidate, particularly when no Republican is on the ballot.


John Morris said...

What this really indicates is that

A, The standard GOP platform has too many things Libertarians will not accept.

B, The traditional GOP's long record of selling out to big government when in office is comming back to haunt it.

Rational Nation USA said...

Sometimes principles are important. The responsibility rests with the rEpublican party to wake up and get it. rEpubs have themselves to thank for their continuing losses.

jgeleff said...

We keep forgetting that only Republicans deserve votes, regardless of how much they push big government, to the point of not being able to distinguish them from Dems.

Chuck said...

What abject stupidity. Name a republican who is "indistinguishable" from a democrat.

You fucking people are insane.