Friday, December 21, 2012

MISSOURI: Congressional seat vacancy creates an opportunity for beloved Tea Party libertarian leader

A "Sarah Palin conservative": Cut government, Pro-Gun, take no crap attitude on dealing with Dems!

From Eric Dondero:

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson is resigning to take the directorship of Rural Electric Co-op. A libertarian Republican favorite has a special announcement to make regarding the 9th congressional district seat.

Sarah Steelman narrowly lost the GOP Senatorial primary to Todd Akin in a 3-way race last Spring. She was endorsed in the 3-way primary by Sarah Palin, (one of the very few primary races in 2012 Palin lost.)

She is the former two-term state treasurer and a former state legislator.

From United Liberty:
Todd Akin, whose now infamous “legitimate rape” line probably cost him the Senate seat in Missouri, was not a Tea Party candidate. He was not endorsed by any of the groups listed above. In fact, FreedomWorks endorsed John Brunner in that race while Sarah Palin and other Tea Party groups lined up behind Sarah Steelman. It was largely social conservatives and evangelicals that propelled Akin.
Editor's comment - If only it had been a Steelman vs. McCaskill race. (Face in palm.) Probably the biggest fuck-up of Republican primary voters in the entire 2012 election cycle.

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