Friday, December 21, 2012

Miracle Winner in Massachusetts announces for State GOP Chair

"Republican Party: Too old, too out-of-touch, too male, not concerned about women issues" -- liberal media

From Eric Dondero:

How to be a Republican and still win in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. That's a question that has alluded countless GOPers over the past few decades, on both the state and national levels. One young woman might have just figured it out.

Her name is Kristen Hughes, and in 2011 she won a seat on the City Council of heavily Democrat Quincy, Massachusetts. Now, a year later she's planning an ambitious run against the old guard, for State Chair of the GOP.

Her announcement, via RedMass:
Many of you know me as an employee of the MassGOP, when in 2010 I ran our very successful state convention in Worcester and served as the political field director, when we more than doubled our House caucus members in the State Legislature. Most recently, I served as the Deputy Finance Director for Senator Scott Brown's re-election campaign, helping raise more money than any other incumbent U.S. Senate campaign in the country. Last year, I was honored to be elected City Councilor in Quincy after running a true grassroots campaign in a district with only 10% registered Republicans!

It was during my time working at the MassGOP helping others run their campaigns (and by running my own campaign for elected office) that I discovered the value of our Republican town and city committees to local candidates. I received critically important help from the Quincy Republican City Committee and could not have won without their support. A commitment to expanding Republican leadership at the local level is vital to establishing a statewide farm team of candidates. In order to win at the local level, we must recruit and train new candidates and reach out to new voters.
There are other announced candidates, including fiscal conservative Rick Greene.

Photo of Hughes campaign workers at a polling place on election day in Quincy.

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