Monday, December 10, 2012

Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West fracking boom, one state is missing out

Maryland's most far out county getting the short end of O'Malley's stick

From Eric Dondero:

The list of states gaining much needed revenues from the fracking industry boom now includes: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. And now even New York State is considering loosening regulations to allow limited fracking in the western region of the State on the Pennsylvania border.

Yet one single state has been giving a big middle finger to natural gas interests, mainly thanks to the state's ardently socialist, enviro-extremist governor, Democrat Martin O'Mally.

The Washington Post reports, "Maryland inches closer to decision time on hydraulic fracturing":
As states in the mid-Atlantic region lined up for the jobs and tax revenue that would come with drilling deep into the shale to release gas, Maryland held back...

In Garrett County, where residents lost potential income when oil companies tired of Maryland’s delays and took their operations elsewhere, Commissioner Jim Raley (R) said everyone should put aside their differences and negotiate.

“I believe the analysis should be done,” Raley said. “It really comes down to the issue of fracking, can it be done in a safe and prudent manner. But if the state can benefit from it, the industry can benefit, and the county can benefit, maybe . . . we each should fund it.”
Editor's comment - Maryland's big industry of course, is government, i.e. federal government from D.C. So, less of an incentive to move quickly to benefit farther regions of the state. Secession for Garrett County?


mitsukurina said...

"Secession for Garrett County?"

Yes, why not. Let's all individually secede if we don't get what we want. That way we can also each have our own currency and if having trouble finding work we can then simply devalue our own private currency. Fabulous.

Paul Forsberg said...

So he doesn't get re-elected again -
We have been fracking for over 20 years without problems -
The technology has come along way since and directional drilling now makes it profitable.

Frig that guy - he'll get voted out