Monday, December 24, 2012

Mass Dem State Rep. to plead guilty to voter fraud: He served on the election law committee in the House

From Eric Dondero:

You can't make this shit up.

From, "Mass. lawmaker will plead guilty to voter fraud":
A Democratic state representative from Everett (photo) who served on an election law committee is resigning his seat and will plead guilty to voter fraud charges in federal court in Boston, authorities said Thursday.

Representative Stephen “Stat” Smith, 57, faces up to two years in prison, and prosecutors will recommend a 6-month sentence, according to his plea agreement. Smith has also agreed to vacate his seat, effective Jan. 1, and not seek elective office for five years from the date of his sentencing. A plea date has not been set.
It only gets better...
According to prosecutors, Smith, first elected to the Legislature in 2006, submitted fraudulent absentee ballots to support his bids for public office in 2009 and 2010.

Smith obtained absentee ballots for ineligible voters, who would unlawfully cast them, or he cast himself, prosecutors said. In some cases, he obtained absentee ballots for registered voters who did not know that he was voting in their names.

Prosecutors wrote in a filing that in those cases, “one or more government officials” helped Smith intercept absentee ballots before they reached unknowing voters.
So, he was acting like a safety for the New England Patriots, intercepting ballots before they got to an unknown voter's home.

And the part about "obtaining" absentee ballots for ineligible voters, and then voting from his kitchen table on those ballots. That's classic, going on over to the local cemetery and scribbling names on a notepad voting.

Oh, but it only gets better... Seems Smith is a religious man. If he hadn't spent so much time praying at his local church, he might have had more time to campaign the old fashioned way.
“I had intended to spend the whole day on my knees in Immaculate Conception Church, praying for victory, but after kneeling for 10 minutes I realized I couldn’t do it,” Smith said.
House Minority Leader Bradley Jones was less restrained.

“Good riddance,” said the North Reading Republican. “He disgraced his city and the institution he served in, and the whole institution of democracy.”

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