Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maine Libertarian: Wayne Lapierre and the NRA defame video gamers in seeking blame for the CT murders

I am not renewing my membership in the NRA after the clusterfuck of a press conference. The insipid, ignorant, patronizing and out of touch rant is unhelpful at best. They do not speak for me and they are an incompetent spokesman for the Second Amendment.

Excerpted,, Andrew Ian Dodge, "Why I'm Giving Up My NRA Membership":
Instead of concentrating on the mental health problems of Lanza and the lack of help for him and his family, LaPierre ranted about video games, movies, and culture. Despite the fact there is zero evidence linking playing violent video games and mass shootings, he made that defamatory link. Furthermore his “researchers” dug up some obscure game (if it actually exists) no one has ever heard of called “Kindergarden Killers” that is somewhere online so he could look emotional and caring. LePierre is probably too dense to realize he just advertised this game no one has ever heard of to millions of people, many of whom will download it out of spite.

Instead of concentrating on the warped bit of evil that killed all those children, he was doing exactly what the NRA’s worst critics are doing. Rather than blaming the perp, he is blaming video game, movie, and music companies for the killings. It is just the sort of cloth-eared rant that the GOP goes in for that demonstrates how completely out of touch they are. Instead of defending the right to bear arms, he called for censorship of music, media, and games. So instead of authoritarianism on the subject of guns, we need it on culture and the creative arts?
Editor's note - Andrew is a longtime friend of this website. He is a former State Coordinator for the Maine Tea Party. A "Republican-leaning Libertarian," most especially on military/defense matters, he was the 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate in Maine. (Photo of Andrew at a Halloween costume party NOT his official campaign photo.)

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Geo said...

I think there is some connection to the ubiquitous playing of constant killing video games and mental illness as it replaces wholesome activity for kids. But LaPierre is way off base with his call for Congress to hire cops in every school.
Mr LaPierre is right when he says that “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” But the NRA's defense of the Second Amendment implies defense of the entire US Constitution yet in his conference he proposes to further unconstitutional intrusion of FedGov into education by proposing that congress hire armed guards in every school. The NRA has shown its indifference to the rest of the constitution by supporting the likes of Harry Reid, Arlen Specter and other legislators who regularly scoffed at our rule of law by ignoring any part of the constitution that doesn't suit their purpose at the time. Other gun owners and gun organizations defend the entire constitution by calling for qualified armed citizens in schools --teachers, janitors, administrators and, in colleges, students. Key word: QUALIFIED and there are many ex-servicemen and others. Do not, as LaPierre is doing, use this crisis to further FedGov control over our schools --we do have people locally to handle security. The NRA is a rich lobby that is too close to the professional politicians in Washington and has lost sight of its mission. Still a powerful voice for gun rights but too immersed in establishment politics, it needs a fresh look at the entire constitution and fresh leadership. Other Second Amendment groups are emerging that deserve support over the too-politicized NRA.