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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Libertarian Republican picked as "Blog of the Day" by the Conservative Warrior Princess

LR Editor to appear on Teri O'Brien Radio Talk Show on Sunday - How to avoid your Democrat relatives over Christmas

From Eric Dondero:

I was notified late yesterday that we were selected as "Blog of the Day" by the highly rated right site Teri O'Brien, "America's Original Conservative Warrior Princess":
Libertarian Republican Although I'm not a libertarian, I do find this blog very interesting. Keep up the great work, Eric!
Teri also booked me for an appearance on her Blog Talk Radio show on Sunday at 6:30 pm cst. Teri is an experienced talk show host having served a stint as a host on Chicago's monster AM station WLS.

The topic of course will be "De-vorce, De-friend and De-employ the Democrats in your life" over the Christmas Holiday.

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