Thursday, December 13, 2012

Libertarian Republican editor Eric Dondero guest tonight on nationally-syndicated Steve Deace show

"De-vorce, De-friend and De-employ all the Democrats in your life"

Full hour broadcast, 10:00 pm cst.

Heard on 40 stations nationwide, including markets:
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Brought to you by conservative/libertarian media consultant Andre Traversa!


ajnock1976 said...

Hey Eric why don't you talk about the #1 cause of death for the US military?


yours for sanity

Alan Turin

Eric Dondero said...

Suicide is perfectly understandable with Obama as Commander in Chief. With a Nazi in the White House aligned with our Islamo-Nazi enemies, if I were in the service today, I'd strongly consider that path, as well.


So jockitch are we gonna make soldiers victims? We made football players victims with this phony concussion scare. Now pussies want soldiers to be victims so famiies will demand lifetime checks from the military therefore bankrupting the governmet and weakening our nation.