Sunday, December 9, 2012

Liberals in Nebraska oppose American exceptionalism in curricalum

American system of government, personal liberty, free speech rights not superior to authoritarian cultures

Lincoln Journal- Star, Final draft of social studies standards includes American Exceptionalism, climate change Dec. 8:
the most contentious issues in the revision of state social studies standards -- the idea of American exceptionalism... appear in the final draft, but in less direct ways than proponents may have wanted.

The words “American exceptionalism” do not appear in the final draft, but the concept does. In the sixth- through eighth-grade U.S. history standards, one of the “indicators” -- examples of what to teach -- is the “unique nature of the creation and organization of the American Government, the United States as an exceptional nation based upon personal freedom, the inherent nature of citizens’ rights and democratic ideals.”

Board member John Sieler, who advocated including American exceptionalism in the standards, said he is pleased with the final draft.

“I do think it’s more measurable,” he said. “I just think that we are an exceptional nation and we need to be proud of that, and we need to hold our heads high.”

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