Saturday, December 8, 2012

Leftist gang in Copenhagen stealing truckloads of furniture

From Eric Dondero:

A natural extension of Occupy? A gang of thieves in Copenhagen were recently sentenced for a series of robberies. They would hold up furniture moving trucks and steal the contents, and then resell the furniture on the black market.

The German news blog, "Møbelhandler bagmand i designer-bande":
Truckload after truckload of stolen designer furniture and designer lamps were driven from Copenhagen to Germany and sold through several furniture dealers and a German branch of the auction house
Then buried down in the article this little nugget (h/t Astute blogger):
On Monday, it fell recent judgment in the case complex, where a 25-year-old got six months' probation and 120 hours of community service for driving four truckloads stolen furniture and lamps to Germany. Now all the police only get judged a burglar who has worked for the gang, but he is on the run.

The five sentenced knew each other, among other things, from a extreme leftist political party. Kingpin PKK, sentenced to three years in prison, got his half-brother and an old classmate with the gang.
(Emphasis added).

Editor's comment - Leftists? Stealing? Kind of goes together, 'eh? Though, in fairness, at least these thieves were a bit more honest than the leftist politicians who use tax collectors to do their stealing for them.

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Sean Ahner said...

That was ridiculous!It said it was a truckload for sure that it was a thousand peso,but the good thing was all the suspects was given a sentenced.