Friday, December 14, 2012

Is RGIII one of us?

by Clifford F. Thies

I'm not getting on the fellow's case. He just said what some people are thinking. In an ESPN show, a commentator asked is Robert Griffin III, RGIII, the NFL's hottest number, "one of us." Meaning, does he identify himself with "the black community;" or, is he post-racial.

Here's the link: sports/

On the plus side of identifying himself with "the black community," said the sportscaster, is RGIII's braids. On the minus side, he has a white fiancee.

Also on the negative side is that RGIII's team, the Washington Redskins, failed to win their last home game before the election, thereby throwing the election to Mitt Romney, according to the superstition. Which means, does it not, that RGIII might be a Republican.

Another thing about RGIII is that he finished his undergraduate degree in three years, and then, during his last year at Texas A&M, he was enrolled in the MBA program. I mean, whoever heard of a black person finishing his college degree in three years, or who is interested in business???

And, speaking of Texas A&M, that place is so totally square, no black person would ever, of their own volition, attend that school.

Obviously, once you openly express the "reasoning" in doubting RGIII's blackness, as though black people as supposed to fit some kind of a stereotype, you see the foolishness. This is why the sportscaster who started this conversation has done the country a service.


Rita said...

Whether he's one of us or not. He's right about race. Why does it have to matter what color he and his girlfriend are to figure out the their politics?

Dr. Zebulon J. Magnifico said...

Baylor, not A&M.

Chuck said...

Nope. I'm a strong safety, not a quarterback.