Monday, December 3, 2012


SusanMarie Weber wins seat on Palm Desert City Council

From Eric Dondero:

She may now be the highest elected official serving anywhere in the United States as a Libertarian Party member on a city council. (Libertarians hold seats in other medium sized cities such as the Cedar Rapids, IA council, in Springfield, MO and Lago Vista, TX).

From the website:
Riverside County’s Registrar of Voters announced on Monday afternoon, November 26, that SusanMarie Weber won her long-sought seat on Palm Desert’s City Council. The Libertarian Party of California congratulates Weber on her dedication to civic duty, her informed and intelligent approach to campaigning, and her highly cost-effective campaign.

Weber won her close race by only 45 votes, a fluctuating margin that shifted in her favor throughout the three-week ballot counting process. The tally published Monday afternoon, November 26, shows Weber with 6,153 votes to Bill Kroonen’s 6,108.

Weber expects to be sworn in on December 13 to continue her civic involvement as a voting member of Palm Desert’s City Council.
Palm Desert is a city of about 60,000, located near Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage. Previously in California, Libertarians have held seats in Fullerton and Simi Valley city councils.

Special hat tip to longtime Libertarian Party of California official Dr. Scott Lieberman for bringing us this news.

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