Monday, December 10, 2012

HUGE!!! Boris hints at secession for the UK! Bye bye to the EU

Gaining influence of the libertarian UKIP at work?

From Eric Dondero:

London's self-proclaimed "libertarian" mayor has been somewhat of a disappointment to libertarians worldwide since his election in 2007 and subsequent reelection last year. A mixed record to say the least. However, he's been sounding every bit the principled libertarian as of late, on the issue of sovereignty and limiting regulations.

From the London Telegraph, "David Cameron to offer in/out referendum on EU, Boris says - David Cameron will promise the British people an “in/out” referendum on the European Union, Boris Johnson has said":
In a Sky News interview, Mr Johnson said that Britain should renegotiate the terms of its EU membership to “chop off” rules that are invasive or unjustified, such as social regulation, fisheries regulations and farm subsidies.

“Let’s have a renegotiation in which we chop off the bits we don’t like,” Mr Johnson said. “That renegotiation is essential. We have got to go in and get a better deal.”
Political posturing perhaps. No doubt, Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party, which has been polling ahead of the Liberal Party in 3rd place with over 10% recently, is having an impact. And then there's this:
Mr Cameron has promised to seek a “new settlement” for Britain in Europe, then put the deal to voters for their consent.

So far, however, he has not committed himself to seeking that consent in a referendum. He has also expressed doubts about offering voter the option of leaving the EU altogether.

However, Mr Johnson predicted that the Prime Minister will offer an in/out referendum. “I reckon he is going to commit to a referendum which will be broadly an in/out referendum on the new terms,” Mr Johnson said.
Editor's comment - UK out of the EU! Texas out of the US! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)


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