Monday, December 3, 2012

DISCOVERED! Hollywood actor Mark Pellegrino a "libertarian"?

Co-star of "Dexter," and also appeared in NYPD Blue, CSI, ER, Crime Scene Investigation and the X-Files

From Eric Dondero:

I am in Los Angeles doing some consulting work. Yesterday my work took my to Hollywood.

I had occasion to meet actor Mark Pellegrino. He has co-starred in Dexter, the long-running Showtime series about a serial killer who kills fellow serial killers. He is also known for having played Jacob on "Lost." Over the years he's had supporting roles in NYPD Blue, CSI, ER, The X-Files, and Crime Scene Investigation.

We talked about politics. I told him I was a libertarian. I mentioned one issue in particular, keeping the marijuana dispensaries open in L.A, and how that was supported by the Libertarian Party of California. He said he loved the libertarians, and then went on to say, his exact words to me: "libertarians, yeah, I'm one of those."

I must say he was quite friendly, not at all snobby, or obsessed with himself. He even took some time to greet two admirers nearby, shook their hands and thanked them for their kind comments on his work.


Gary said...

Great! Not that his tiny vote matters in the People's Republic.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Well, hopefully he was telling you the truth. It's been my experience that people in L.A., especially actors, tell you whatever it is they think you want to hear.

jgeleff said...

"It's been my experience that people in L.A., especially actors, tell you whatever it is they think you want to hear."

Or maybe what they think they know? They might not actually know what it means to be a libertarian and they just like to use buzz words.

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