Friday, December 7, 2012

Have a night out in the Muslim UAE, you may get raped, thrown in jail, AND fined for drinking

Hot vacation spot in the Middle East?

From the UK Independent, Briton says she was raped in the UAE - but gets fined for drinking:
A British woman who was allegedly kidnapped and gang raped by three men in Dubai has been prosecuted for drinking without a licence, throwing a spotlight on the United Arab Emirates’ archaic legal system, which rights groups say does not do enough to protect victims of sexual assault.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claims she was raped repeatedly by the three men who filmed the attack after they lured her into their car as she returned from a night out with friends.

After reporting her ordeal to the police, the 28-year-old found herself in the dock because she admitted she had been drinking earlier that night.
Editor's comment - Anyone who "vacations" in the UAE or any other Muslim nation for that matter, must truly have their head up their ass. Sure, it's pretty and all. But is it worth it? (photo credit Arabianbusiness).


randian said...

Surprised she hasn't been charged with adultery (Muslim definition) as well.

Storm D said...
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Storm D said...

I agree with the editor's comment. Women should stay away from these despicable Arab countries. You want to vacation in the Middle East, there is only one country you will be safe in and that is Israel.