Thursday, December 13, 2012

GOP Senate candidate in South Carolina speaks his mind about IRS abuse - Abolish the Income Tax!


My primary motivation for running for Congress: spreading of the truth about liberty and what real liberty truly looks like.

From Eric Dondero:

Keith Blandford is a candidate for the US Senate in South Carolina opposing incumbent Republican Lindsey Graham in the primaries. We had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Blandford about a couple of matters.

He is a Gary Johnson Libertarian and a Ron Paul Republican. One particularly cogent quote he provided to us:
Currency debasement [is] the greatest crime of every government. It was evident to the founders that this is the issue of human history, as it is to Ron Paul, and as it is to myself an avid student of this history.
To be fully honest, Blandford is not in our pro-defense libertarian camp on foreign policy issues and Middle East policy. Sadly, he very simplistically views anyone who opposes Islamism as a "NeoCon" which shows a gross misunderstanding of the counter-Jihad movement.

However, he's smack on when it comes to economic policy. Blandford describes himself as a devotee of "Austrian economics."

We asked him about abolishing the income tax. Here's his response:
The IRS was founded in 1913, the same year as the creation of the Federal Reserve as a guarantee of payment on interest. It is an oppressive abomination, and today is used as a quasi-police force to spy on and threaten citizens and business owners. So, Yes. [Abolish income taxes.]

We live in a day and age where sports broadcasters can publicly defame the 2nd amendment during a national broadcast with no consequence, yet when someone like [tax protester and father of Peter Schiff] Irwinn Schiff speaks his mind about a mere bill that was passed, some say illegally, it becomes a criminal offense. Supposedly the first amendment protects them both. Ironically it is Schiff's comments that threaten the governerment, and Bob Costas's comments that seek to protect it.
A couple other quick points: Blandford opposes the nanny-state, however, he asserts on opposing seat belt laws, smoking bans on bars and restaurants, opposing political correctness: "at this time we have bigger fish to fry."

Finally, on a positive note he stated to us, that on prostitution, drug legalization, and gambling, he's "inclined to the libertarian side of these issues."

Editor's comment - Sigh! If only we could take Lindsay Graham's support for a strong military and opposition to Islamism, and combine it with Keith Blandford's economic policy and social views, we might have the perfect candidate.

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