Friday, December 28, 2012

Fundraising scandal rocks Texas politics: Did alleged thief on Dewhurst campaign steal money from other top donors?

Libertarian Koch bros. mentioned

by Eric Dondero

The Dallas Morning News is breaking this story this morning, "Exclusive: David Dewhurst campaign says aide stole at least $600,000". Seems a longtime close and trusted aide to the Lt. Governor (photo) and former opponent to newly-elected Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz, may have shaved as much as $700,000 off of campaign coffers.
“The incorrect balance was the result of Mr. Kenneth A. Barfield, an official with the campaign, supplying false information. Unknown to the officeholder and treasurer, this person, who was responsible for compiling the information used for the report, intentionally submitted false and incorrect amounts and documentation.”

In the original document filed in July, Dewhurst’s state campaign listed cash on hand of $777,245. In the corrected report filed last week, that amount was changed to $7,226 — more than $700,000 less than was detailed six months earlier.

“This misrepresentation of contribution balances was directly related to the misappropriation of committee funds to his [Barfield’s] own account, and for his own personal benefit,” the new report stated.
Of particular interest to libertarians, the Washington Post adds:
Barfield has been working for Dewhurst since 1998, when the lieutenant governor ran for Texas land commissioner. He also ran Clayton Williams’s 1990 campaign against Texas Gov. Ann Richards (D) and worked with the billionaire Koch brothers in the state.
One-time Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate David Koch has donated to numerous free market efforts in Texas, including Ron Paul's campaigns for congress and more recently Americans For Prosperity.

Additionally, it should be noted the Cruz v. Dewhurst race was tight including a run-off. Would that $700,000 made the difference?

This story is bound to grow in the coming hours and days as more revelations come out. Was Dewhurst Barfield's only alleged victim?

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