Thursday, December 6, 2012

French Men Losing Sperm Count

A question of manliness or less

by Clifford F. Thies

A Reuters article indicates that French men are losing sperm count. Based on a study of 26,000 men over a 16 year period, there has been a dramatic drop of 32 percent in the sperm count, or 2 percent per year. One researcher says, "if there continues to be a decrease, we would expect that we'll get into that infertile range."

Imagine that, an infertile nation with a seat on the U.N. Security Council. Leave it to the French.

Editor's note - Photo advertisement is not an endorsement by this website, but at this point French guys should be open to trying any remedy.


Gary said...

All I can think of is French wimp Woody Allen in a sperm costume.

The Right Guy said...

The french are a country of pussies. Who cares.

Eric Dondero said...

Like it or not Jim, they're part of Western Civilization. They are us. We must defend them from the Muslim onslaught. I know they're the weak link, in more ways than one. But they are our bretheren.

The Right Guy said...

That's the problem Eric, they don't want to defend themselves. We have a history of defending countries or ersatz countries to make the world safe for democracy and it's been an abortion. The French don't care, the brits don't, the germans don't and the fucking guineas certainly don't. Unless they come to the conclusion that they are in trouble, need to do something about it and need help, no one can help them. It's like dealing with an addict. They have to hit rock bottom before they can be helped.

ajnock1976 said...

The Right Guy is right, Eric.

The USG cannot transfer a back bone [no pun intended].

It was a bad, stupid error to have created NATO [worse to have remained after 1991].

Europe's challenges will have to be solved by Europe. Period. Absent a determination to believe in, let alone uphold European values, by Europe the USG can achieve nothing there.

yours for sanity

Alan Turin

Chuck said...

"The french are a country of pussies."

Parisians are. The French are fine people when you get out of Paris.

The Right Guy said...

That could be, especially to the north and north west. I love Jacques Pepin, but his countrymen are farkockte. My only experience with the French was in a border town next to Switzerland called Chavannes-de-Bogis. Fucking waitress practically threw the food at us. I've experienced the attitude in Quebec City too. The best service was in Austria. They should send waitstaff their for training. The guy was insulted I left a tip, said it was his job.