Monday, December 17, 2012

FRANCE: Nation's Socialist leader, now seriously considering law to keep wealthy capitalists from leaving the country

Stopped at the border: Your papers please

From, "France to Review Tax Treaties with Belgium":
The President of France, François Hollande, announced today the possibility of reviewing the existing tax treaties with Belgium to prevent welthy people from moving to the neighboring country in order to evade taxes.

One of the most recent cases was that of the famous actor Gerard Depardieu, who decided to set his house in the Belgian town of Néchin, where other wealthy French citizens live in order to benefit from a more lenient tax regime.

"Everyone should have and ethical behavior, regardless of his job," Hollande told reporters.

The tax exile of the highest paid actor in France was described as a lack of patriotism, especially since he always boasted of its popular origins and occasionally denounced social inequities.
Editor's comment - Will Obama follow his example? Border stations in south Texas, AZ, NM and California to keep libertarian Americans in, instead of keeping illegal immigrants out?

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jgeleff said...

What is ethical about stealing a person's hard earned money?