Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fox Poll finds 61% of Americans believe Obama will "move country towards socialism"

From the Duuuuhhhh! department

Via the Washington Times, "Poll: Obama policy 'will move' U.S. 'toward socialism'":
A Fox News year-end poll finds that a hefty majority of American voters are noting changes in the nation: 61 percent of U.S. voters are concerned that Obama administration policies “will move the country toward socialism”; 89 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats agree with that.
Editor's comment - Obama moving the country towards socialism? Doesn't take a friggin' genius to figure that one out. And that other 39%? Total fuckin' idiots.


Rational Nation USA said...

Interesting poll numbers. 61% concerned Obama will "move the country towards socialism", as if we haven't been moving that direction for a while longer than four years.

That aside, the country that is concerned voted for the man whose policies they are concerned with. Indeed Americans are a curious people.

FINCHNEST13 said...

The last election proved to me that American voters are useless idiots. Our schools start indoctrinating them their first day of school, our medias continue the indoctrination by reporting only the "news" that supports their far-left candidate, and our political "debates" are a dog and pony show with little to no substance. American voters tend to vote for a candidate based on the political stance the candidate takes on a single issue. Gays tended to vote for Obama because he claimed to be for gay marriage. Women voted for Obama because he is pro-abortion and pro-equal pay. Blacks voted for Obama because he is a brother, albeit 1/2 a brother due to his cracker blood. (Don't get offended by "cracker" because I'm a cracker, too.) Jews voted for Obama and I can't for the life of me figure out why, unless American Jews aren't supporters of Israel. Evangelical Christians either voted for Obama (because he claims to be Christian -- strange that a Christian wears a wedding ring with Islamic messages on it), or didn't vote at all, but one thing they wouldn't vote for was a Mormon because they consider Mormonism a "cult." They'd rather have a socialist as President than a Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints "cult" member as President. College students voted for Obama because the educational system's indoctinations have rendered them unable to think for themselves or act independently -- they have been taught to be followers not leaders. One thing is for certain, American voters don't have a clue about cause and effect. Gays may get the right to vote and with our economy faltering more and more each day, they will have the right to join the rest of us under the viaduct and starving. Women may have the right to abortion continue and equal pay for equal work and with no work for men or women, 0 is the same pay for women as it is for men. Can we give a woot woot for equality??? College students may get their degrees, but with no jobs and maybe parents who are starving under the viaduct, they'll get to live their vote. Blacks may feel empowered by voting for the brother over the cracker, but they'll find that the socialist they voted for has no allegiance to blacks or whites, just an allegiance to his Chicago cronies, big campaign donors, and his vision of a destroyed America and they'll be joining the rest of us starving under the viaduct. As for American Jews, the socialist they voted for has a track record of not being a real supporter of Israel and if we don't support Israel in their stand against their Muslim neighbors who want Israel to cease to exist, American Jews won't have a Jewish state to run to when the socialist they voted for succeeds in destabilizing the entire Middle East and stands by while Israel is attacked by the Muslim nations who seek to destroy them. The American Jews will starve along with the rest of us under the viaduct. They will get a demonstration on how voting for a candidate based on a single issue ignores the overall huge problems we are experiencing as a nation due to our elected officials over-spending.

Erich Domdero said...

I'm not starving under a viaduct. I don't even think we have a viaduct around here. Do you have a map of viaducts?