Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eliminate welfare for moochers in the sports world

Surely, liberals can agree with conservatives and libertarians on this one?

Excerpted from Sports on Earth, by Patrick Hruby, "LET'S ELIMINATE SPORTS WELFARE" Dec. 13":

An easy, overdue fix to the nation’s fiscal woes. A course of action rock-ribbed liberals and hardcore conservatives can agree on. A policy shift that would not only save cash, but also act as a trust-building, goodwill-generating building block toward larger, harder and more essential partisan compromise.

Ready? Here goes.

Eliminate Sports Welfare.

During the recent presidential race, Mitt Romney was pilloried for his surreptitiously recorded remarks that “47 percent” of Americans are “dependent upon government,” believe that they are “entitled to … you name it” and will never be persuaded to “take personal responsibility and care for their own lives.” Romney was wrong about the 47 percent. (Disagree? Send your hate mail here before going Galt.) But he was right about the country hosting a system-gaming moocher class, an entitled, irresponsible, parasitic piglet subset, lazily suckling from the public teat, pulled up by shiny new bootstraps purchased with government giveaways, forever hiding in plain sight.

To find them, just flip on ESPN.

Or better still, visit any sports stadium.

They’re the team owners sitting in luxury boxes built with taxpayer dollars, charging PSL fees for seats constructed with the same. They’re the athletes writing off fines for bad behavior. They’re the multimillion-dollar professional leagues, Ozymandias-shaming college athletic departments and -- ahem -- charitable bowl games all enjoying lucrative and dubious non-profit status. Their ranks include Tiger Woods, whose namesake foundation once received a $100,000 federal grant; the Baseball Hall of Fame, which pocketed $1.57 million in federal funds between 2002 and 2006; and the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame, which seven years ago was given $75,000 as part of a larger appropriations bill funding the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development. (Additional point of incredulous outrage: The Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame doesn’t even include Jim Brown.) They are the underserving beneficiaries of inappropriate, unnecessary public subsidy, feathering their overstuffed nests of downy-soft private profit, adding to America’s astronomical charge card bill all the while. They are the Welfare Kings (hi again, Jeffrey Loria!) and Queens (rest in peace, Georgia Frontiere!) of sports, crying poor while grifting and lifting society’s collective wallet, perpetually grabbing for more, more, more.
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John Morris said...

As a rule the GOP needs to stop equating mooching with being poor. A lot of our biggest moochers are highly paid government employees and corrupt, crony capitalist corporations.

The Rush Limbaugh theme that anyone with lots of money or wearing a suit is doing good has to be thrown in the trash.

This is a big area where, the GOP can learn from the Libertarian party. We need to identify and target the scumbag rich and try as much as possible to draw a line between earned and unearned wealth.

The Right Guy said...

And how do poor that are on the dole earn? And how does someone that is wealthy not?

Eric Dondero said...


Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. We Republicans ABSOLUTELY NEED TO START SHAMING THE POOR FOR TAKING HAND-OUTS.

That's exactly the problem with our Party, is that we're not bashing these moochers enough.

That's exactly why people like me are disgusted with some elements in the GOP. We need to toughen our approach. Be far more nasty. Not squishy touchy-feely types.

If the GOP goes in the "nice to the moocher class" direction, than they'll lose a shitload of votes on the hard right.

Eric Dondero said...

I don't a single "scumbag" rich person. All the scumbags I've met in my life, are poor. They're fucking leaches sucking off the tit of government.

Listen douchebag. Last night I went grocery shopping at Wal-mart. I spent $32.00 buying nothing but generic "Great Value" brand shit, cheap-ass bologna, fake cheese, mac and cheese, couldn't afford any milk.

I work for a living. I worked 13 hours in one day two weeks ago. I bust my ass to make about $18,000 a year. Jim knows this.

Some bitch comes up in the back of me in line, and has steak and lobster in her cart, and she whips out a fucking EBT card, and all her groceries are labeled, "WIC" meaning government-subsidized food.

I refuse to take welfare, food stamps.


Am I pissed? Goddamned right I'm pissed! You have the audacity to come here and tell me that we need to be nice to poor people on welfare? It's the rich people we should be mean too.

Well FUCK YOU. I don't see any goddamned rich people in line using a fucking EBT card.

John Morris said...

Did you read the above post? Did You read Atlas Shrugged? The main villains in that book are not poor.

Perhaps 30% of the S&P 500 is made up of companies where the entire business model is built on some special favor. Start with all the big banks that depend on first access to FED capital, FDIC insurance and too big to fail status. Add in big real estate developers like Forest City that count on eminent domain. Add the companies relying on farm subsidies, ethanol subsidies- now "green energy". Add in defence and other government contractors. Then there are the media and cable companies built around government enforced monopolies.

Look at Cabela's Bass Pro Shops & Gander Mountain which hose small towns for tax subsidies.

Until the GOP takes an honest look at this it will remain a party of hypocrites.

The Right Guy said...

Yes it's true, but I think Eric should get back in the game. This petition shit is killing him.

As far as poor goes, there's no shame in being poor, but there is in wanting to stay poor.

The Right Guy said...

If it were up to me, all subsidies would go away, whether for the corn whores or the oil whores. If a business is a good idea, it will stand on it's own.

John Morris said...

I'm pretty sure it's clear that by, "scumbag rich", I meant those who are gaming and looting the system.

Yes, of course the way things work these days- one is a sucker for trying to play an honest hand when everyone else is looking for handouts or special deals.

Eric Dondero said...


It's the goddamned "poor" welfare bitch who's accepting government money.

I could care less about rich folks getting subsidies. And tax credits? Hell give them all they want.

They are not affecting my life. The welfare bitch using her EBT card is DIRECTLY AFFECTING MY LIFE.

You need to reverse your view. You need to have hatred for these welfare moochers. And stop bashing the rich.

Eric Dondero said...

Jim, it's all I know. I'm very good at what I do for a living. The best even. I've tried normal jobs, and I suck at it. And they bore the living shit out of me.

Which it wasn't the case. But it's a fact of life.

Eric Dondero said...

It isn't some rich guy who is smirking at me in the Wal-mart line, pulling out his EBT card with a cart full of lobster and steak, and two bottles of red wine, when I can't even afford a gallon of milk.

The Right Guy said...

I hate 9-5 too, but what else is there? At my age, starting over is daunting. As far as you go, I think you should be working for a politician again. You'd still use some of your petitioning skills as well as political savvy. If not that, then get this media thing going.

John Morris said...

Honestly, that's absurd. Stealing is stealing no matter who does it.
All of these people are stealing.

We live in a system that makes you a sucker for not doing it.

Eric Dondero said...

Call me a sucker then. Cause I refuse to steal from taxpayers. I refuse despite my poverty, to EVER accept food stamps.

Eric Dondero said...

And I fail to see how a tax break for a corporation is "stealing." That assumes that the government owns 100% of our income. That we are slaves.

The Right Guy said...

Tax breaks aren't, but subsidies are.

John Morris said...

Obviously using eminent domain to take privately owned land as is done in so many of these stadium deals is stealing. So are the kind of direct subsidies we see for these sports teams- which often are far more than what they pay in taxes.

Often one has a complicated mix that makes it hard to tell who is taking from whom.

Rand layed out how all this stuff works. Helping the poor is a cover for the much larger scale theft going on.

One theft justifies the rest. We bailed out the banks, so then why not GM and then why not that poor guy who doesn't like work?

Eric Dondero said...

Jim, what Morris was implying at first was that tax cuts for corporations were "subsidies." That's wrong.

Eric Dondero said...

Morris, helping the poor is far worse that helping corporations. At least corporations give back with jobs. The poor do nothing less than sit on the fucking couch all day long and watch soap operas while stuffing their faces with cheetos and grape soda pop. Fuck them! They're fucking moochers.

The Right Guy said...

It isn't, unless you consider that spending isn't something that can be cut. It's the oxymoron of unfunded tax cuts. Taxes are the funding...Anyway, tax breaks are used to get companies to invest and it's on the state level. Subsidies tend to be on the federal level, although some states do subsidized things. like ethanol. For instance, 89 octane is cheaper than 87 in Iowa because the state subsidizes the ethanol.

John Morris said...

@ Eric

I never used the term tax cut, so that's very much something you read into it. Terms I used were favors, subsidies & eminent domain all of which fall under theft or at least something pretty shady.

A lot of this stuff is hard to define. Is the right to gamble with hundreds of billions in FED $ and pawn the losses onto taxpayers or savers through inflation a subsidy? It's not easy for people to see.

Eric Dondero said...

Fine John, but you really need to get off this wussy-ass "don't blame the poor," it's the "big bad corporations," that are the real problem, kick of yours.

Again, I could give a flying fuck about the corporations. It's that welfare bitch with the three kids, and the lobster and steak in her grocery cart at Wal-mart pulling out her fucking EBT card that pisses me off!

Eric Dondero said...

Simple rules:



jgeleff said...

I have a great idea. Lets end ALL welfare. Welfare mommas and corporate welfare alike.