Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dominican Republic prostitute lovin' Senator from NJ busted for having an illegal alien sex offender working for no pay in his Capitol Hill office

Predictably, Menendez takes the Sargeant Schultz defense: "I knew nothing... I saw nothing..."

From Eric Dondero:

If you haven't heard yet, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, yes that Bob Menendez, the guy who flew repeatedly to the Dominican Republic last year on the expense account of a big Florida donor swinging with two busty prostitutes at a time, is now in hot water, for another emerging scandal. Seems the Senator from Nuu Juoi-sy employed an illegal alien intern in his Washington D.C. office. To add further irony, the guy was "un-paid." And on top of that, he was the Senator's immigration policy expert.

Seriously, you can't make this shit up.

Oh, and did we mention that according to reports, the Obama administration held off on arresting the suspect til "after the election." Menendez beat Republican State Senator Joe Kyrillos 58 to 42% on Nov. 6.

Emily at Naked D.C. provides a good summing up, "Sen. Robert Menendez employed illegal alien sex offender, poor taste":
The best part of this story is possibly that Menendez, who is constantly pushing immigration reform even when Congress has more important things to do, like take lobbyist vacations to Hawaii to hear about the benefits of recycled truck tires, was running all of his immigration proposals through a guy who had violated American immigration laws, while not paying him anything. Sanchez was an unpaid intern. So Menendez knew what he was talking about when he was talking about the oppressive employment practices that plague the undocumented worker.

As it turns out, Sanchez applied to be a part of the immigration amnesty program Obama passed by Executive fiat, but was denied because, as it happens, the US would rather not take your tired, your poor, and your people on the sex offender registry.
Of course, the mainstream media is running cover. The AP ran a decent story 24 hours ago with complete details of the arrest. But the Washington Post and other liberal media outlets are now running nothing but stories of Menendez's strong denials of knowledge of the staffer and of any wrongdoings.

If this had been a prostitute loving, illegal alien harboring, sex offender tolerating Republican? (photo credit - wizbangblog)

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