Thursday, December 13, 2012

Defending the brownshirts

by Clifford F. Thies

Possibly unaware that his employer is being sued for defamation by George Zimmerman, Bob Costas, sports commentator turned political commentator, followed up one particularly ignorant remark on guns with another:
"What does common sense tell you about the likelihood of that confrontation ever taking place in the first place if George Zimmerman was not carrying a gun?"
What Costas calls "common sense" is a projection of his own liberal prejudices onto everybody else. What my common sense tells me is that if people were aware that among the people they meet are those who are packing, they'd be fewer assaults and, definitely, fewer instances of mass murder.

Let's face it, if not for this country's obsession with regulating guns, what Sikh Temple would not have men willing and capable to defend those gathered their from a crazed gunman?

What movie theatre showing a film such as The Dark Knight Rises would not have viewers willing and able to rise when confronted by evil?

How many times would a union thug think he could beat up a person of a different political perspective on the grounds of the state capital?

And, how many black youths, hanging out in his uncle's girlfriend's apartment while suspended from school, would feel they could beat up an hispanic man serving as a neighborhood watchman?

Careful study of the matter reveals overwhelming evidence that more guns equate with less crime. yes, there is the occasional accidental use of a gun, as by a child, resulting in a tragic death. But, the big numbers come from drug-related homicides. Our violent crime rates would collapse to European-style levels if we could fin a way to deal with the problem of drugs other than by criminal sanction.

And, by the way, among the European nations are some that have as many or more guns per capita as we do, and crime rates as low as their fellow European nations.


The Right Guy said...

Because Costas is a progressive scumbag hat believes all of us should be Farm Animals® and rely on our master shepherds to protect us. When help is minutes away, help from a .357 comes at 1400 feet per second.

Eric Dondero said...

Jim! You've commented here. Wow. What a surprise.

The Right Guy said...

No surprise really. Costas is such a tool.

jgeleff said...

From watching movies, we have this image of "the wild west" as being exactly that; absolutely lawless and with bodies piled up like cord wood from all of the shootings. Well, it was a bit lawless until towns, counties, etc were formed and formally governed, but bodies did NOT stack up like cord wood. Because nearly every person had a gun on their hip, people respected others for fear of having their face blown off.