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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Could this be South Carolina's next US Senator?


From Eric Dondero:

Senator Jim DeMint has announced his retirement from the US Senate. The Heritage Foundation has simultaneously announced he will be taking over as President of the much-respected institution.

Libertarian Republican sends our best wishes to the Senator and to our friends at Heritage.

Rumors already at fevered pitch that his replacement will be Rep. Tim Scott. Of course, that would leave a vacancy for Scott's congressional seat.

Note - This website was an early and enthusiastic supporter of Scott for Congress in 2009.


Eric Dondero said...
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Rational Nation USA said...

I guess it is time to let them expire .

Jim Fryar said...

A bit of punditry from over here:
In 2010 our friend Katherine Jenerette came in third in the primary, and endorsed Rick, who went on to win.

Maybe she could replace him in his district if he becomes a Senator.

Rita said...

I'm all for this. Haley appointing Scott for Senate and watch the Libs hit the wall over this. :)

Geo said...

Nikki Haley could appoint herself, wot? She'd be a reliable vote for freedom with responsibility based on her performance to date. That way,we wouldn't lose Scott from the House.

mitsukurina said...

Haley appointing herself would be a bad idea; and one likely to have negative political consequences. TS's House seat would be an easy win for any Republican (provided he isn't another Mourdock or Atkin).