Thursday, December 13, 2012

Buried headline of the Day! New Poll - 1 in 5 Republicans believe their Party is... wait for it... here it comes... "too liberal"

A message for the House GOP leadership?

From Eric Dondero:

Just released from the liberal-leaning polling outfit, comes a slew of new polling data, post-election, that finds the nation is in a deep gloom. Virtually nothing has changed since Election Day Nov. 6. The country is still deeply divided between Republicans and Democrats. Dems in large numbers support the president, and are upbeat about his prospects for a 2nd term, Republicans are predicting a horrible economy and little chance for recovery. And neither side is in the mood for compromise.

Here's a sample:
Overall, registered voters thought the nation continues to head in the wrong direction: Fifty-six percent expressed concern, while 39 percent saw matters heading in the right direction. Fifty-three percent said the worst was yet to come, while 42 percent agreed the worst “is behind us.”
But perhaps of most importance for GOP leaders, this finding, at the very end, very last paragraph of an 18 paragraph piece.
Six in 10 Republicans see their party’s philosophy as about right, but one in five think the party is too liberal.
Editor's comment - Kind of flies in the face of all those liberal pundits out there, saying that the GOP needs to move to the center, and "moderate" their tone. Perhaps Romney lost cause he wasn't rightwing enough and didn't sufficiently excite the non-moocher voter base to come out to the polls? Palin/West 2016!


Kc Lion said...

While this shows not everyone in the GOP is an idiot.

We need to get across to the leadership to take the Palin Cure.

She's Hot, She Libertarian, She's Blue Collar, She's Electable!

The Right Guy said...

Well, we elected someone that had no executive experience, no business experience and didn't finish any term he was elected to before becoming president, so you'd think anything is possible, but she's been so marginalized by the press, I doubt she could get elected dog catcher in bum fucked egypt utah.

Eric Dondero said...

How 'bout Palin/Mia Love 2016! Two hotties. Two workers. Two libertarians.

Eric Dondero said...

Yeah Jim, but things have a strange way of turning around. Yesterday's loser, can suddenly look like a winner. What if the economy goes into depression?

The Right Guy said...

We're in a recession and the country rejected someone that actually has experience in turning financially troubled companies around and instead reelected a fake phony fraud that wouldn't be able to balance a check book.

Kc Lion said...

Right on Eric!

That would be my Dream Ticket.

Palin/Love 2016

The GOP goes Libertarian!

M. Simon said...

What does it mean - "too liberal"?

For far too many it means "too libertarian".

The Right Guy said...

Too progressive?