Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Black-hooded Hate group, passes out pamplets in front of Starbucks on Christmas Eve

From Eric Dondero:

Anjem Choudary and a minion of black burka-clad women pass out radical Islamist pamphlets at a shopping district in downtown London on Christmas Eve.

Choudary wants Great Britain to live under Sharia Law. He regularly leads protests chanting for "Sharia in the UK."

Choudary preaches for homosexuals to be killed, and "loose women" who wear Western fashions to be stoned in the streets. He also favors a complete ban on alcohol.

Coudary can be seen towards the end of the video.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

You should be proud of these ends, by the celebrated Counterculture's means.
The West will not stand; no matter how much secular opposition you give the Mohammedan.

The Right Guy said...

The muzzies have been pushed back at least times already. The third time will be a charm. Totalitarian religions cannot stand for long, just like totalitarian governments.

jgeleff said...


Erich Domdero said...


FINCHNEST13 said...

Whether men like to recognize it or not, women shape the culture and mindset of a country because we spend more of our time raising and teaching the children. As long as Muslim women continue to accept and pass onto their children the teachings of Islam that proclaims men as being spiritually, intellectually, and morally superior to women, that labels modern culture as being evil and disrespectful to Mohammad and Allah, that teaches that women should be "protected" from interaction and participation in the workforce, politics, religion, and their own life's destiny, and teaches that Sharia law actually keeps women safer and "protects" them morally, spiritually, and physically -- making them more pleasing to Allah, then Muslim culture will remain what it is regardless of where it is practiced. Taking the US as an example, women have traditionally voted Democrat even though their "spread the wealth around" mentality has harmed families financially and made it necessary for both the mother and father to be working outside of the house in order to feed, clothe, and shelter their children. They vote Democrat even though the Democrat "you don't need no stinkin' man to be a part of your childrens' lives and to support you and your children because we'll give you welfare, subsidized medical care, subsidized housing, food stamps so that you can be a liberated, independent woman" and the government subsidized programs have kept never married single mothers and their children economically, socially, financially, and educationally at a significant disadvantage compared to the "traditional family." Yet, women turned out in droves to vote for Obama (and his minions) despite his incompetence and his policies that are destroying the economy of this country (which definitely has impacted the financial security of the family, whether traditional or single mother head of household family). The only thing I'm thankful for is that I live in Colorado and Trinidad is not much of a drive from the Denver Metro Area. Since men tend to vote for limited government candidates, any woman I encounter who admits to voting for Obama, I suggest going to Trinidad, CO for an intelligence reassignment (or transplant). Now I know Trinidad is famous for sex change operations, but if a woman has an operation to change herself into a man, perhaps the gender change causes an intelligence change and they come out not only male, but anti large government, anti high taxes, anti spreading the wealth around, and anti government as the provider and solution everyone's needs and woes. I further opine that any man who voted for Obama is a girly man and a trip to Trinidad would help them align their intelligence level with their gender. LMAO and joking about trips to Trinidad, but I'm not joking about my belief that women and men who support the policies of the far left are ignorant about the causes and effect of big government's programs and policies on the American people. Women have damaged the culture, economy, and future of this country with their ignorant support of candidates who have enslaved them with government goodies at the expense of every man, woman, and child in the US. Muslim women are equally ignorant and damaging to the security of the world with their blind support for a religion and form of government (which Islam is both) that deprives people of freedom and security.