Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beyond Nerd

by Clifford F. Thies

The more we learn about the pathetic loser who found his life's meaning in killing little children, the more frustrating the whole situation appears.

The pathetic loser succumbed to some kind of disorder, which eventually morphed into full blown mental illness. Apparently, he was tentatively identified with Asperger's Syndrome by his school, and was thought to possibly be a threat to himself, but not to others. Accordingly, when he disappears from contact with the outside world, when he left school, no alarms went off. In the divorce of his parents, his mother said she would take care of him, even long term if that proved to be necessary. He lived in the basement of his mother's home and, according to a plumber who occasionally did work there, was constantly playing electronic war games. The plumber recalls specifically that the pathetic loser had a poster of army tanks on the wall. His mother, who was a gun enthusiast, saw to it that he was properly trained in the use of guns. It was something he took pride in, she once said.

O.K., what's wrong with this picture? Part of the profile of Asperger's Syndrome is lacking proper empathy toward others. While it is not usually associated with violence, it is a warning flag. Then, having no social contacts with anybody other than his mother, not even his father nor his brother. Not having a job and not having the prospect of a job, or of having a family or ever having the prospect of a family, not having any meaning to his life or ever having the prospect of having any meaning to his life.

Was the mother told that her son might need to be institutionalized? Is the cost of institutionalization so expensive that only the rich and those on welfare can afford it, and middle class people, such as his mother, are simply out of luck? Was "the answer" to this problem, I mean, situation, to emancipate the pathetic loser so that, no longer being the responsibility of somebody who could be stuck with the bill, he could be declared eligible for Medicaid and be institutionalized.

The problem, it seems to me, is not guns, but is in the lack of a seamless transition from the fools in this country who work and pay the bills to the smart people who, having fallen into the government safety net, don't have a financial worry in the world, every one of their needs being somebody else's responsibility. Was the mother, who was herself murdered by the lille monster even though she had tried to take care of him, in the middle class trap?


Erich Domdero said...

Nope. The problem was the guns.

electromag.11 said...

Military-style assault rifles are made for hunting human beings, which is the reason they are preferred my mentally ill individuals who are having a psychotic event.

Eric Dondero said...

And gun rights has absolutely NOTHING to do with duck hunting.

We need the most powerful arsenal imaginable as American citizens to protect ourselves from Muslim invaders hellbent on turning our country into an Islamic Republic.

If those passengers on those flights of those planes that hit into the Pentagon, Twin Towers, PA had guns???

Eric Dondero said...

The NRA is to blame. The NRA spend so much goddamned time talking about the rights of hunters and sportsmen. Who gives a fuck? That's not what the 2nd Amendment is about.


Do you trust the Politically Correct feminized gay-friendly American Military any more? I fucking don't.

They'd probably say, "well, these Muslims who are invading America are repressed, so we can't stop them."

Fuck that!!!!! We Americans will fight back.

Erich Domdero said...

You need serious medication.

electromag.11 said...

Dude. Seriously. Not only does no one agree with this guy - nobody even knows what he's talking about.