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Friday, December 14, 2012

Andre Traversa Public Relations

Do you crave more than 15 minutes of fame? Most of us do. Well, here's your chance at long-term publicity. I am a self-employed media consultant with an extensive background in talk-radio, public relations and related fields. I have access to a broad array of leads and media contacts, with an emphasis on talk-radio, but ready,willingand able to provide TV, print, and online media services as well. 

For a low monthly retainer, I will make the calls on your behalf to get you the best possible coverage for your needs. I specialize in conservative and libertarian clients, including the Christian market, but I'm more than happy to take on other projects, especially the self-help fields; i.e counseling, life-coaching, therapy, etc. 

For more information please call me, Andre Traversa, at 1-847-318-6413. Or email 

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