Saturday, December 8, 2012

America's newest LIBERTARIAN Hero: RTW - "We're gonna get it done"

by Eric Dondero

It's hard to imagine any greater advance for libertarian principles in 2012 than Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's signing of Right-to-Work legislation, passed by both the Republican House and Senate.

They should be able to choose whether they want to join a union or not. This is about the relationship between the employer and the worker, not between their union.
What makes this even more amazing, is that Snyder has been largely written off by free market enthusiasts since he won election in 2010. He's racked up a 'C' average from Cato. He's made noises in the past that he leaned against signing right-to-work. And all of a sudden this comes out of the blue. At a time when Republicans are dejected by the election results from Nov. 6.

Snyder has suddenly bolted to the very top of the libertarian hero's list for America's Republican governors. The libertarian wing of the GOP thanks him profusely, and the Republican House and Senate in Michigan, for taking this very pro-liberty stance.


Gary said...

Government has no right to dictate private contracts between a private employer and a private employee. Union or non-union.

That being said, I am willing to back off on what I believe to fuck the unions. This is war and those bastards are trying to turn the US into a Hugo Chavez Sociatst state.

So fuck 'em all.

Chuck said...

This autoplay stuff is infuriating. Nothing ruins a Vivaldi violin concerto like some goddam youtube video going off. Uggh.

The Right Guy said...

Eric posted this one and from my house no less and after discussing how those suck.

Chuck said...

Passive aggressive.

jgeleff said...

I grew up in MI, my brother still lives there and up until election day, was quite busy in his local Tea Party chapter and GOP organization. After Bee Ho won, he resigned both. He's tired of struggling to get upstream. At any rate, when Snyder was running, my brother talked him down, and said he'd walk into the voting booth, hold his nose and pull the lever for him. He's happy with that decision now. (Snyder is from Battle Creek, where we grew up) I think the guy is doing a great job.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Sweet deal.