Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Western conservative blogger urges boycott on all leftsts in the United States

Don't hire Obama supporters. If you must lay-off, fire leftists first, keep the conservatives employed.

Excerpted, Galganov.com, "Why America And The Conservative West Are At Outright WAR":

The Nazis also understood, and perhaps even perfected the art of the “BIG LIE”, to the point that the LIE becomes the unquestioned truth. The BIGGER the LIE, the MORE time it is told, the more believable it becomes.

Obama and his LEFTIST surrogates did a masterful job of DEMAGOGUING Mitt Romney...

Forget about taking back the public school system, because that is already too far-gone for now. Don’t bother debating the LEFTIST media, because they have all the LIES and LIARS in the world on their side.

Instead . . . ONLY tune into Conservative Radio. Read ONLY Conservative Newspapers. And watch ONLY FOX News.

All media LIVE-OR-DIE on their size of audience, so . . . deprive them of that vital LIFEBLOOD that determines all of their advertising revenue.
AND THEN TAKE THEIR MOST IMPORTANT PAGE OUT OF THEIR PLAYBOOK, and COLLAPSE their system like they’re collapsing ours.
1 – The anti-LEFTIST Boycott is gaining traction. I know, because the LEFT is REALLY upset and is threatening to fight fire with fire. GOOD - our message is being received loud and clear.

2 – Don’t hire any people you suspect of being on the LEFT, or who voted for Obama unless you have no other choice. 3 – If you have to lay people off, make the effort to keep Conservatives employed. 4 – Shop, dine, and buy services from people who voted Republican. 5 – DON’T be shy to ask people on which side of the political divide they stand, before you give them your hard earned after-tax dollars. 6 – HOLD YOUR POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVE’S FEET TO THE FIRE. Make certain that he or she understands that any capitulation with the LEFT will be met and dealt with in a severe fashion in the next election.

TELL your representatives in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS . . . that you are willing for them to collapse the economy if that’s what it takes to win back the country, because the ONLY thing that will wake up the people, who have chosen to live in a FAIRYTALE world, is when that FAIRYTALE crashes down upon them.
If you don’t think that what is happening in our Western Democracies is ALL OUT WAR, then you really don’t understand, because, the LEFT has indeed declared WAR on the MAKERS - that most of us never saw coming.

(Emphasis added)


The Right Guy said...

I went with a goatee.

Rita said...

Sounds good to me.

Chuck said...

"I went with a goatee."

I already have a patch of hair like that. Don't need two. :)

The Right Guy said...

Well, if I let it go another month, I'll look like some civil war soldier or general, at least that is what I've been told. I was thinking of dying it red and going by the name of Custer. I might fit in better with the natives here. :) Not.

Jemas said...

An unchallenged mind grows stagnant. I'm a liberal who occasionally reads conservative blogs (like this one) so that I can be aware of other perspectives and try to keep my mind fresh. I've read books by both Al Franken and Sean Hannity. I watched both Bowling for Columbine and An American Carol. If I don't know all of the ideas, how can I choose one to believe in?

But you wish to only listen to conservative voices, talk to conservative people. Those are the actions of cowards, people who know on some level that their ideas cannot compete in a logical debate. If you truly believe in your ideas, if you believe they are the best there is, then stand up for them, argue for them. Above all, absorb other ideas. If you are secure in your beliefs, then listening to others ideas won't shake them, any more than reading the Quaran or the Bhagavad Gita will shake your faith in your religion. If you can't stomach the ideas of others, you reveal yourself as intellectual cowards.

Queens, New York, NY

Ran / SVP said...

James, for starters, this is not a "conservative" blog. Please use terms within the scope of their meaning.

The Editors are both of them much closer to right-libertarians with leanings towards Rand and Friedman. That will be clear to anyone who's read posts here, you know, to "keep their mind fresh."

You describe yourself as a "liberal." It would aid your "mental refreshment" to bother to research the meanings of that term too.

See James, the thing is this: If one condescends from a position of ignorance, one is likely to get one's ass reamed.

Have a nice day.

Jemas said...

Ah thank you. I had a bunch of theories about how you would respond to my post. I thought, however briefly, that you would be willing to entertain the idea that I might have a point. But no, you went straight to 'skip the meat of his ideas, quibble about word use.' Excellent, excellent. Take a bow please.

Incidentally, while liberalism has many definitions, modern liberalism in America can best be defined as a mix of social liberalism, with a mixed economy and social justice. That defines a good portion of my beliefs, so I have researched what I believe as part of my 'mental refreshment.'

As for conservatism, well it too has many meanings (mostly referring to traditionalism), but given how much this blog supports Republicans/Libertarians and expresses derision and even outright hatred towards liberals, I belief referring to this blog as conservative is correct, if imprecise. Especially since this VERY POST suggest listening to CONSERVATIVE media. Still, forgive me, I will be more precise in the future.

Now then, since I have explained the meanings of my words, perhaps you would care to address the point behind my post, IE that by listening only to conservative/libertarian media and talking only to conservative/libertarian people, your ideas and mind will grow stagnant and unchallenged and you'll find yourself unable to defend your (quite possibly valid) ideas when they are challenged?

Forgive the caustic tone of this comment. I dislike it when someone condescendingly calls me out on being condescending, especially when I was attempting to be polite and I dislike it even more so when my ideas are ignored for petty quibbling about the words I used, especially when those words were quite accurate.

Queens, New York, NY