Friday, November 9, 2012

Wasn't America founded upon slavery?

By Clifford Thies

Part of the criticism of this country from the other side is that it was founded upon slavery. Fundamentally, this criticism is based on the static view of wealth. That there is only so much wealth, so that for some to be rich others must be people. Both the accusation and its premise are incorrect.

The United States was not founded upon slavery. Rather, the colonies out of which the United States was formed were founded upon slavery. The United States did not originate slavery, but helped to bring about its end.

Unfortunately, we did not end slavery following the "win-win" philosophy, where losers were compensated. We ended slavery in a civil war that not only cost almost as many lives as the number of people freed from slavery, but sowed hatred that resulted first in a hundred years of second-class citizenship for those who were emancipated and their descendants, and racial solidarity among their descendants that remains palpable to this day.

In Europe, the practice of slavery was ended by Papal decree. Man being evil, the rulers of Europe devised a new form of servitude, called serfdom, that reduced the masses of people to the status of second-class citizens (actually, "subjects"), and, so, mostly forestalled the fruits of a free society. Some time later, with the Enlightenment, with certain advances in transportation, with the Commercial Revolution that began in the Dutch Republic and the Industrial Revolution that began in England, there came the blossoming.

Man being evil, the rulers of Europe saw the discovery of a New World to be an opportunity for colonies and slavery, indeed a new form of slavery, one based on race. Initially, the persons brought here under captivity were sold to planters on terms similar to those of Europeans. That is, they were seven-year indentured servants. This was typical of debtors in default, as well as thieves and other such criminals for whom a period of indentured servitude was a more appropriate punishment than whipping or hanging. And, the landless peasantry of colonial Virginia consisted of a mix of blacks, whites and Indians. Then, the conditions of slavery degraded for the Africans, becoming for them a new form of slavery, one based on race, life-time slavery, passed on by blood from one generation to another.

Moving ahead from 1619, when the first Africans were brought to Colonial Virginia as slaves, to 1776, and the Declaration of Independence, the drafting committee of the Declaration proposed that the establishment of slavery in the colonies was one of the abuses against which we were revolting. But, that was thought to be divisive and, so, was exorcised from the document.

Nevertheless, in accordance with the spirit of the Revolution, about half of the newly freed states mainly the Northern states - provided for gradual emancipation. Virginia, among other states, freed many black patriots who joined our army and in other ways assisted in our struggle for independence. Furthermore, under the Articles of Confederation, slavery was forbidden in the Northwest Territories (out of which would be formed Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin). And, we had some of the very first civil rights cases, such as whether a person held in slavery who was brought through a free state during his master,s transit from Virginia to Kentucky was thereby made free.

When the U.S. Constitution was draw up, it provided for an end of the slave trade in twenty years. And, when George Washington, the beloved Father of our country, died, he provided in his will for the freeing of his slaves upon the death of his wife. For these reasons and others, it looked promising that we would find a way, peacefully and with due regard to the interests of slave-owners, to bring an end to slavery. But, man being evil, as the impetus of the Revolution waned, a new justification for slavery arose. No longer was it argued that slavery was a necessary evil, it was argued that slavery was good. And, no longer was it argued that some regard should be paid to the interests of slave-owners. Rather, it was argued that slave-owners were evil. Yes, slave-owners are evil. But, so are we all.

Through the election of Abraham Lincoln there remained a hope that we would find a way, peacefully, to end slavery. But, as he came to see it, God would no longer have it. We, who had been blessed with freedom, failed to share that gift with others among us. We broke the sabbath (meaning, the freeing of the Hebrew slaves in the seventh year). We had gone back to Egypt (meaning, returned to the ways of slavery). And, so, for every drop of blood taken by whip, another had to be taken by the sword.

The other party, which came to defend slavery as good, now defends socialism and differential rights depending on one's color or gender. Those of us having "status" enjoy affirmative action and certain presumptions in law. But, if you're white or Asian, or if you're male, sorry, no soup for you. It's get in the back of the bus. And, of course, for all of us who work, of whatever race, creed, color, gender or sexual orientation, we pay full price while those who don't work get free stuff. What is more, the other party calls us greedy because we work, and it extolls the virtue of those who don't work and vote for that party because it offers them more free stuff.

Thus we see yet another truth of the Bible made real: the sins of the father are visited upon the son even unto the fourth generation. We are still suffering, in the racial solidarity that constitutes the largest block of the other party, for our failure to find a peaceful way to end slavery.


Jesus Christ said...


Jesus Christ said...

Just discovered this blog yesterday and let me tell you, it is hilarious~! Answer this honestly, is there a point at which you people take a look at what is happened on Tuesday and think 'maybe we lost because people don't agree with us'. I mean, you had everything you could possibly ask for in terms of unseating an incumbent president and you failed miserably. A rational person would look at the results and think 'apparently 49% is the best we can possibly do. if we want more than that, we're going to have to do something different.' But you're clearly not rational.

Oh and calling The President a 'communist nazi' (a term which makes no sense) is just amazingly silly and sad.

ajnock1976 said...

It's a bad sign when our Lord & savior is making fun of this site.

Yours in Christ

Alan Turin

Eric Dondero said...

Alan Turin, touche'! Yes, I will have a hard time sleeping tonight because Jesus Christ paid us a visit, and it seems he is not too pleased.

Perhaps it's time for us to repent. Join the chorus:

O-Ba-Mah! O-Ba-Mah!

ajnock1976 said...

Eric, you do have one reason to celebrate the election of Barack Hussein "Barry" Obama:

readership here has skyrocketed.

I know you to be a patriot, even though I disagree with your foreign policy. But I know you wouldn't have wanted this site to grow at the expense of America.

But that fortune has been thrust upon you. I believe you have a birthday soon: so happy birthday Eric.

yours truly

Alan Turin


It DOES creep me out that Jesus Christ is visiting here.


Eric Dondero said...

Thank you Alan. Yes, in fact, yesterday we got 142,000 Page Views. Mind-boggling. Most we ever got before was 8,000. Today, already 70,000. We've been linked by 8 different huge political liberal blogs, including Wonkette, Daily Beast and Andrew Sullivan.

Yes, it's a good thing. Something that was totally un-expected when I was experiencing funk the day after the election. This kind of makes up for all that bad election news.

Time for all libertarians to be united. We are in the minority now. We cannot afford to be fighting each other as in the past.

FangedFaerie said...

The "other party"? I'm sorry, but did you pay attention to the electoral map when Mr. Obama was re-elected?

The roots of the GOP were a party that wanted to preserve the Union and abolish slavery, that much is true. They also supported public banks, higher taxes, and public loans to private enterprises. Who does that sound like, today?

When the Republicans started going conservative, Pres. Teddy Roosevelt split off the Progressive Party. The liberals became firm Democrats, and the conservatives became firm Republicans, during the 1970s.

Our country isn't static, and our political parties certainly aren't.

Jesus Christ said...

Hey Eric! If your goal was to be mocked, mission accomplished!

ajnock1976 said...

Eric, the above item should cheer you up. The Democrats have a bigger job holding onto the Senate in '14.

Also, I've read these posts from Jesus Christ: it isn't the one we were thinking it was.

Quoting: "Hey Eric! If your goal was to be mocked, mission accomplished!"

Doesn't sound like the Jesus I've come to know. So what do we call imposters of Jesus? The anti-Christ.

So he's visiting. That really can't be good.

yours truly

Alan Turin

Jesus Christ said...

Nah. I'm the real thing. I'm tired of you ignorant fools attributing your hatred to my teachings.

Chuck said...

Thanks for reminding everyone what low life pieces of dogshit populate the left.

Hell awaits you, maggot.

dustin said...
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dustin said...

You're kidding, right? Black people have the advantage because of affirmative action and such? That is only to give them a chance, and it still isn't enough. I'm white, and I'm not stupid enough to not realize that by simply being white I'm born into power and opportunity. I won't be looked over for a job because someone is stereotyping me. When people see me, they assume I'm honest and don't judge me. It appears that incorrectly quoting the bible and having horribly skewed opinions don't make up for blatant blindness to how this country works. Start thinking for yourself, not taking in the filth people feed you. "Oh, a conservative person said that? It's gotta be true!" Yeah, just like they were all correct about how the election would turn out. Seems like you guys are getting further and further from reality. Conservative Alzheimer's.

Chuck said...

"and I'm not stupid enough to not realize that by simply being white I'm born into power and opportunity."

You're plenty stupid. You live in the least racist country in the history of civilization, you brainwashed dung-beetle. A country SO not racist it elected a feckless, talentless piece of shit just because he claimed to be black.

Get out of my country, you piece of shit. Leave it to those of us who don't despise it.