Thursday, November 22, 2012

Viva Mexico!! Dondero flees the country for Thanksgiving

by Eric Dondero

Happy Black Thanksgiving Day. This is probably the saddest Thanksgiving Day in the history of the United States. With the communist Obama regime in charge, and set for another 4 years of tyranny over the American population, there isn't anything to celebrate.

I hope that the readers of Libertarian Republican will take this opportunity to criticize and bash all of your family members around the Thanksgiving Day table, who voted for Obama. Be especially nasty. Do not hold back. They are enemies of freedom and need to be treated as such.

As for me, I've fled to Mexico for the day. (Yes, this website that you're reading is being put together today on the other side of the border.) I won't tell you exactly where I'm at, I fear the Obama administration might not let me back in the country if they knew of my precise location. Then again, I'm not sure that would be such a bad thing. I'll just say, I'm more to the Pacific side than the Gulf area, a tropical "pueblito" with white sand and waving palms, not far from the water.

I had an interesting trip here. I had two opportunities to implement some serious Dondero-ist Obama-bashing on a couple of unsuspecting liberals.

At some shitty petrol station in West Texas, I was gassing up, and some hippy chic came up to me with a gas can. She said she was from Washington State. I could see her dirty dreadlocked compatriots a ways away, gathered around an old beat up white van. She asked me for a few dollars for gas money. I said sure. But I've got one question first. She look bewildered. Who did you vote for Obama or Romney? She said, "I didn't vote." I said, "umm, okay. But if you could have voted would you have voted for Obama or Romney?" She said, "Obama." I made a loud buzzer sound, "Annnnnnngh! Wrong answer!!" I told her to fuck off and get the fuck out of my face, "you communist slimeball piece of shit."

Her dreadlocked boyfriend ran over from the other side of the parking lot. He started yelling at me as I was getting into my car. He saw my "Libertarian" bumper sticker, and assumed I was a Ron Paul person. He yelled "Fuck your Ron Paul. He's a fucking prick. Fuck you and fuck Ron Paul." As I drove away.

Next morning I was at a Starbucks in El Paso, Texas, minding my own business. (As a matter of fact, I was sitting there working up this website). A blonde-haired bum came up to me, skinny, dirty looking dude. He asked me for a few dollars. I said, "sure, my friend, I'll help you out. But I've got a question first." I asked him if he had voted for Obama or Romney. He said he didn't vote. I said, okay, but if you had voted which one would you have voted for? He said, and I quote, "probably Obama, cause he gave me a raise in my check." I responded loudly so the entire Starbucks could hear... "Annnnnnnngh! Wrong answer! Dude, you just lost $5 bucks. If you had answered Romney I would have given you the cash." He slowly walked out of the Starbucks looking rather bummed (pun intended).

I'm going to do this with every bum I run into now, and would urge others to do the same.

Well, off to my Mexican Thanksgiving Day lunch, the usual, taquitos en salsa verde, rez, papas fritas y dos Coronas.

I have a dentist appointment here in a couple hours. Then I'm going to spend the rest of the day looking at apartments. We are all going to need an escape plan. I just have a feeling things are going to get really, really bad come January.

Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico!!


Casey said...

That is heavy bro, there is still a lot to be thankful for. This country is bigger then any president, this is just the darkness before the dawn.

Casey said...

That is heavy bro, there is still a lot to be thankful for. This country is bigger then any president, this is just the darkness before the dawn.

Charlie said...

So you've swapped American Fascism for the oligarchical tyranny of failed narco state?

Not so sure that's an upgrade :-)

Alexander Musa said...

Hilariously, Eric proves that he's worse than the people he disagrees with yet again.

Alexander Musa said...
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Rational Nation USA said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hear Costa Rica is beautiful.

The Right Guy said...

Costa Rica and Mexico don't appeal to me, may be Estonia would be OK and Poland is probably more capitalistic than the US too. May be the best thing is to go off grid Eric. Just buy some acreage in West Texas or Arizona and setup your own private Idaho.

Chuck said...

My lawn is quite nice.

Care to die?

Chuck said...

on it?

Chuck said...

If not...git.

Rational Nation USA said...

Wouldn't soil the soles of my cross trainers walking on it.

Rational Nation USA said...

As in "git er done."

Jemas said...

As I'm still attempting to assume the 'voice of reason' in the comments (I've noticed a few...well if I was diplomatic I'd call them 'overzealous liberals' but I'm not so I'll call them 'psychotic assholes' hanging around, that I would like to provide a counterpoint to) I'd like to point something out to you Mr. Dondero:

Anyway, assuming, for the moment, that this story is 100 percent true, you have accomplished...well nothing in it. You wish to prove to people that you are in the right, yes? How have you done that? People don't respond well to being screamed at, especially when they're being called 'communist slimeball pieces of shit.'

Both of the people in your story didn't vote. They didn't help Obama get elected. In other words, while they supported him, they didn't care enough to put that support into practice. Therefore they were ripe for being convinced that your beliefs were correct, but instead of trying to convince them of that (especially since you can hold them in thrall, perhaps for the promise of the money they need) you just screamed at them. That seems a tiny bit couterproductive. In fact, the next time an election rolls around, what are the odds they're going to remember the person who screamed at them and think 'Man, I should vote for a guy like Obama, just to stick it to that guy."

I guess my point is, this crusade seems to be hurting your cause. You'd be much better served by calmly laying out your ideas.

Queens, New York, NY

Chuck said...

" People don't respond well to being screamed at, especially when they're being called 'communist slimeball pieces of shit.'"

Yes, Jeepers, they do. The number one job going forward is to publicly shame the shit-eating scum who made what is about to happen possible. Self worshiping pieces of shit like Less and others need to be the focus when formerly successful people are eating out of dumpsters. These fucking animals made what's coming possible.

Never forget.
Never forgive.
May they all rot in hell.

Rational Nation USA said...

Okay Chuckie Poo you fascist scum bag piece of shit. Go fuck yourself you useless hating pile of human excrement. You are the most worthless heap of ignorant grey matter imaginable. A complete waste of good oxygen.

You are a pathetic limp dick trying to play the part of a man. In reality you are a pussy that nobody gives a fuck about.

You dishonor everything the founders stood for. Now why don't go put yourself out of your misery. Fuckhead.

Les Carpenter
A True Patriot

M. Simon said...

I don't know why this isn't showing up on the sidebar (posted at Power and Control) but here is the Classical Values link:

Mohamed Atta - the heroin connection.

Eric Dondero said...

James, at this point we have nothing to lose. The country is dead. So, why not get a little enjoyment out of it while we can?

Eric Dondero said...

Jim, you could get lost in West Texas, Feds never find you, it's so vast.

Eric Dondero said...



We're on the same side. The Democrats are the enemy. Kindly direct your animosity towards liberals, and not at fellow libertarians and conservatives.

Chuck said...

"We're on the same side."

Bullshit. That dick sucking shit weasel had a chance to be on our side and he chose not to. He's a fucking loaf of garbage. He's an active participant in the enslavement of this nation. Fuck him and the rest of the know nothing faggots he runs with. May they all rot in hell.

Chuck said...

You tell me, Eric. Why is that subhuman puddle of pig shit posting here all of a sudden? The greasy mother fucker is gloating. The destruction of the country is EXACTLY what these fucking animals wanted.

These vermin aren't on our side, Eric. They never were. Quit kidding yourself.

Will said...

"People don't respond well to being screamed at, especially when they're being called 'communist slimeball pieces of shit."

Tell that to the leftists who have hurled insults, upon insults toward me simply because I have a different view. These snarling insults are not fact based as one can easily see.

Sexist: My EA is a woman, so is my doctor.
Racist: My best man at my wedding was black, my doctor is not only a woman, but is black.
Homophobe: My neighbor was gay. When he was injured years ago, I mowed his lawns , just to help out while he was recovering. He later died in an accident, and I helped his family sort, and pack his belongings. By the way, our other neighbors were "caring, loving, and tolerant" leftists who refused to get off their lazy ass to help out.
Fascist: A system that is the antithesis of my minimal government view.
Nazi: Nazi was the party known as National Socialism. National Socialism's policies included green energy, vegetarianism, universal health-care, eugenics, major government building projects funded by an onerous tax scheme, and a fascist system that gave the appearance of property rights. Businesses, were completely regulated, as were every other aspect of the people's lives. This sounds more like the "tolerant" left-wing agenda, that has seeped into our lives at least since the Wilson administration, nearly a hundred years ago, and followed up by subsequent administrations of FDR, LBJ, Carter, Clinton,George W. Bush, and now Obama. I include Bush, because his administration set the precedent for ruthless bureaucracies such as DHS, and TSA, which has grown exponentially by "kind hearted" leftists, to tyrannize us by stomping on our rights, rather than protect us, as the founders set out to do. Again, how does my minimal government view make me a Nazi?

So, how am I supposed to respond when I have been under verbal siege from the left, essentially my whole life?

Chuck said...

To hear these assholes tell it, you're supposed to be quiet and pretend you're guilty of something.

Rational Nation USA said...

Fuck you you Chuck, you slime bag government welfare recipient. I was fighting for liberty and limited government before you were born asshole. Fuck off limp dick baboon.

Chuck said...

You've never fought for anything, you dickless twerp.

Go back to your circle jerk.

Rational Nation USA said...

Sick pathetic dickless wonder is what you are Chuck. A legend in your own mind no doubt. Now go suck your thumb asswipe.

Eric Dondero said...

New thread.