Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update on the New York State Senate

by Clifford F. Thies

In the races thus far decided, the Republicans have 30 seats and the Democrats 31, except that one Democrat, Simcha Felder (photo) of Queens, an orthodox Jew, has said he will caucus with the Republicans. Two races remain undecided. In one race, the Republican holds the advantage and in the other, the Democrat. In a separate development, four other Democrats have indicated a willingness to organize the State Senate on a power-sharing basis with the Republicans.

In the state Senate race in which the Republican is ahead, the running tabulation of about 7,000 absentee and provisional paper ballots flipped the election night lead of the Democrat of 139 votes.

In the race in which the Democrat is ahead, the Democrat has retained a small lead during the running tabulation of about 9,000 absentee and provisional paper ballots. On election night, the Democrat was 1,603 votes ahead. In this race, it is thought that final outcome may be determined in court. If the final margin is less than the number of challenged provisional ballots, currently numbering about 500, a state judge will decide, ballot by ballot, which will be counted. This would happen on Thursday.

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