Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tom Tancredo: "libertarian Republican"

Pot legalization measures pass with comfortable margins in Colorado and Washington State

The Morning Sun, editorial, "Clarence Page: Left and right get along, on some things":
What makes these coalitions so remarkable in their support of these issues is how much their members disagree on almost everything else.

That happy thought brought liberals together with libertarian tea party conservatives in Colorado and Washington to put marijuana legalization over the top by 55 percent to 45 percent in each state.

The Colorado cause benefited from vigorous fundraising and a high-profile endorsement by former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, a libertarian Republican and tea party favorite.

Washington residents similarly won the backing of mainstream non-hippie figures like Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, who has long favored legalization, regulation and taxation over what he calls “nanny state laws.”

As a result, proponents proudly noted, the Colorado measure received more votes than President Barack Obama, who carried the state by 5 percentage points.


Kc Lion said...

This is an Issue that we are winning.

I am so glad the people of Colorado and Washington wised up to the benefits of Legalization.

We Libertarians have been ahead of the curve and Tom Tancredo has helped to lead the way.

However don't forget Sarah Palin was attacked in her 2006 bid for governor in the GOP primary by her social conservative opponent Frank Murkowski for being a "closet pot legalizer." It got mentioned only very briefly by the mainstream media, in her 2008 Vice-presidential bid. A Libertine-Republican for marijuana reform didn't quite fit the template, so the MSM kept it hushed.

As for Sarah being a "closet pot legalizer" I say good! Someone has new ideas instead of being forever stuck in a 30's mindset when it comes to Weed.

This Pothead is for Palin!

Chuck said...

States don't have any real power in this unless the Federal Government decides to decriminalize dope.