Monday, November 5, 2012

The most optimistic Republican prediction evah!

And it's not from Dick Morris

From Eric Dondero:

Our friend Smitty from TheOtherMcCain blog, self-described "libertarian-conservative" and an Iraq War Vet, has released this map. It's his prediction for tomorrow. Says Smitty:

Commies in Seattle, Frisco, Chicago, and New York are going to have a pounding hangover to match the pounding #OccupyResoluteDesk takes tomorrow.
Couple quibbles: Not quite sure why he'd have Arizona as "lean Republican," and not solid Red. I'd paint Connecticut lighter blue as in "lean Democrat." Delaware and Rhode Island, perhaps "Likely Democrat." Spill over from PA into DE. And in Rhode Island there's a surprisingly close race for US House by a strong Republican. Not sure we're going to pull it out in Minnesota and Nevada quite frankly. They should be grey like New Mexico. Finally, I'd move Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin and Michigan more pinkish "lean Republican."


Chuck said...

Romney is going to win New Jersey.

Gary said...

Someone took acid while doing the map.

The Right Guy said...

Battery Acid?

I predict Romney will win 300 EV and by 5-7% of the PV.

Eric Dondero said...

Jim, how do you read Iowa? I'm sure you still have some friends there.

I'm bullish on Iowa. Happy with the Des Moines Reg endorsement. Think that carries weight. Happy with EVs I'm seeing.

I'll be honest. I'm less bullish on New Hampshire. NH has got me scared shitless.

The Right Guy said...

Iowans are midwest pragmatists born out of the 19th century populist movements like the grange, etc...They will go with whom they see their fortunes doing doing better. It's not an idealogical contest for them as it is for us. In that context, Iowa has been stable compared to the rest of the country and enjoys a lower unemployment rate than the national average. They will have to judge who is a bigger risk.

jgeleff said...

Chuck, are you serious about Romney winning NJ? Or being facetious?

The Right Guy said...

Chuck thinks Romney is going to win DC, California and NY too.