Wednesday, November 14, 2012

State to review partial recount in Florida's 18th C.D.

West gains significantly in re-count, military ballots from overseas still trickling in

by Clifford F. Thies

The State of Florida is sending in a three-man team to review the process that led to a partial recount in Florida's 18 C.D. The partial recount concerned about half of the early vote. It wound up reducing the vote by about 1,000 (out of about 17,000 in that batch), and in reducing the lead of the Democrat by about 600. Such changes in the vote on a mere re-feeding of the cards into the tabulating machines indicates some gross errors were made in the original count on election night. Why, in the interest of transparency, a complete re-feed of the early vote wasn't conducted, seems inexplicable.

At this time, following that partial recount, Congressman Allen West is 0.58 percent behind the front-runner, just above the 0.50 percent threshold that triggers a complete recount. Independent of the findings of the three-man team, the remaining gap may be closed by the trickling-in of absentee and overseas military votes.

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