Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Secession-inclined States saying no to ObamaCare implementation

Are we looking at a secession half-way measure? "Secession lite" if you will?
From Eric Dondero:
Americans for Limited Government (NetRightDaily) has a great map showing the states that are refusing to go along with the state exchanges.
Over the past week, the list of states not participating in the system has grown to nineteen as the states of Wisconsin, Ohio and Nebraska chose to join sixteen others in rejecting the state health insurance exchange that is called for under the Obamacare law.
Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin announced his choice in a letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Friday writing, "No matter which option is chosen, Wisconsin taxpayers will not have meaningful control over the health care policies and services sold to Wisconsin residents."
Maine Governor Paul LePage wrote to Sebelius explaining why his state won't implement the state exchange saying, "In the end, a state exchange puts the burden onto the states and the expense onto our taxpayers, without giving the state the authority and flexibility we must have to best meet the needs of the people of Maine."
This could be the poison pill for ObamaCare at least in these states. And it could open up an enormous divide between the ObamaCare states and the rest of America.
Exit question - What's up with Oklahoma?? C'mon you Okies. Get with the program. You too Idaho, Utah, and Tennessee.


Rita said...

Governor of Oklahoma has just said that she will not do Obamacare. I just read that on Big Government website.

Rita said...
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Storm D said...

This is a great reason why the 17th amendment that established direct elections for Senators by the popular vote should be repealed. Political power should be returned to the states.