Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ron Paul on Stossel: Abolish FEMA

Yeah, Baby!! Go Ron!!!

From Eric Dondero:

Congressman Paul in top form, (and looking rather snazzy in that white turtleneck). The retiring Rep. goes all out, 100% in favor of just getting rid of the "failed" government agency. Paul uses examples from his own southeast Texas district, and disenchantment with the Agency's response from his constituents.

Ron Paul disclaimer: We are a stridently pro-defense libertarian website. We agree 100% with Ron Paul on economic issues. We disagree stridently and quite ferociously with about 80% of his foreign policy views.


ajnock1976 said...

If you are pro-defense, you agree with Ron Paul.

If you are pro-meddling/interventionist then you disagree with Ron Paul.

yours for sanity

Alan Turin

Eric Dondero said...

CORRECTION: "Pro-Meddling" would be defined as going overseas to countries and attacking them, to conquer them and occupy their lands.

The United States in the last 50 years has occupied a grand total of 1 single acre. It is on the coast of France at Normandy. There we have a graveyard that is U.S. territory for all the dead who died defending the French on D-Day in WWII.

Conversely, the United States has given away a record amount of U.S. territory in the last few decades (mostly under the Clinton administration.)

Seranilla Banks, Bajo Nuevo, 5 Alaska islands and 5 islands in the south Pacific are no longer part of the United States. The first two were given over to the Columbians. The Alaska islands were given to the Russians in 1995, despite a unanimous declaration by the Alaska House and Senate opposing the turn-over. The islands in the South Pacific were quietly handed over to the tiny Nation of Kirabati, without even a blip in the U.S. media.

Manifest Destiny is extinct in the United States. We no longer seek to expand American territories.

We received ZERO land for liberating the Iraqis from Hitlerian Saddam Hussein. We received ZERO war booty. It was so bad that U.S. Military commanders even jailed soldiers and Marines who took a little war souvenire like a knife or Iraqi flag.

Ditto Afghanistan. We have received ZERO land in return for liberating the Afghanis from the evil Taliban.

If America had a truly "pro-meddling/interventionist" foreign policy than Americans, most certainly Military men who do the fighting, would be entitle to war booty, and some land compensation.

Some of us do advocate a return to Manifest Destiny. America is the greatest country in the history of Human Civilization.

You want our help? You want us to liberate you from Tyrants, Mr. Iraqi, Mr. Afghani. Fine.

Give us some war booty in return. Some islands off your Iraqi coast. Some gold. Some oil. Maybe even some women for Nevada brothels. But we ain't shedding American blood for nuttin'!

RobertW said...

I have lived in Houston almost 40 years and we've been well served by FEMA.

I noticed a big change, though, when FEMA was put in the Department of Homeland Security. Their response got much slower. However, we never did depend on them as first responders. Whenever the Houston-Galveston area got hit by a big storm. City, County and State agencies (also private utilities), got the cities running and FEMA came in later making funds available (grants and loans) for the rebuilding.


Eric Dondero said...


If a Nation is accused of being "expansionist" doesn't it reasonable follow that that Nation would be expanding their territory?

How can a Nation that has receded in territorial and even shunned territorial expansion be defined as "expansionist"?

Ponder that one over your morning coffee.

Eric Dondero said...

And that's exactly how it should be Robert. Good post.

Eric - Houston

ajnock1976 said...

Eric: a question.

The Soviets from 1945-89 had troops in central Europe. They claimed that east Germany, Poland, Hungary, etc. were sovereign countries. No one outside of those nations believed them to be independent.

Even Jimmy Carter called Gerald Ford on this point. Carter!

So, the Soviets didn't annex those countries. The Soviets let them free in 1989.

Was the foregoing a Soviet meddling in those countries?

yours for trick questions,

Alan Turin

Chuck said...

What a slimy little douchebag.

Ran / SVP said...

Go tick and treat elsewhere, Turin. Eric called out another of your lies and all you can do is play games.