Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romney appeals in new ad: Vote for love of country

From Eric Dondero:

Oh, yes. The 24-hour news cycle. Obama made these comments early in the day yesterday. Mitt Romney responded in the evening at the massive 35,000 attendance rally in Ohio. And now this morning, we get a brand new campaign ad.

Editor's comment - Is it just me, or does Obama look like a friggin' demon in the clip when making the remarks?


jgeleff said...

I watched the speech at the rally last night. Two observations.

1) He gave a good speech. Well done, general, not specific, rah rah, hitting the necessary sore spots.
2) For a 63 year old woman who has MS and has had cancer, Ann Romney is nice looking. She takes good care of herself.

Eric Dondero said...

Jerry my boy, I do think you might be softening in your old age. Or, maybe you just had a bad batch of fermented pasta sauce?

Either way, we're glad to have you on the Go Romney Team!!