Monday, November 5, 2012

Pro-Life Protester Arrested By Gestapo at Obama Rally

Obama was in Cincinnati for a rally and obviously didn't like the dissent. Considering the small turnouts, you'd think he'd appreciate some enthusiasm.



Ran / SVP said...

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

There should be firings.

Especially the [expletive deleted] who swore an oath to protect the Constitution - and who had a duty to order the cops to 'stand down.'

Ran / SVP said...


jgeleff said...

A couple of thoughts:

The cops who arrested this guy should be brought up on charges for violating his civil rights, then executed for said offense. I mean that. Firing squad. This shit has to stop.
Anybody who so vociferously is FOR abortion that they'd agree with him being arrested is not a human being, but a monster. Violating someone's right to free speech is ALWAYS wrong.

Eric Dondero said...

I saw a report somewhere's that in the last couple days Obama has been running some ads to win over pro-life voters.

Chuck said...

No one has a constitutional right to disrupt an event. Every time those Code Stink cunts disrupt a Senate hearing or whatever they're escorted out.

Ran / SVP said...

I agree, but one guy on a balcony waving a sign isn't "disruption," Chuck.

KN@PPSTER said...


The death penalty for violating civil rights only applies if said violation occurs in the victim's death. Otherwise, IIRC, the max punishment is five years in prison. There may be a kick-up to that if the violation occurs "under color of law."

Anyway, I'd call it a wash. The guy went there with the intention of getting arrested -- just like he did LAST week when he tried to take over an NFL football field during a game for his protest -- and he got his 15 seconds of publicity out of it.

Ran / SVP said...

One guy... tried to "take-over" a freaking football field... AS IF *ONE* PERSON COULD DO SUCH.

You'd call it "a wash" and I'd call it bilgewater.

I really don't give a flying cr@pp if the dude was Code Pink or a rabid Pro-Lifer. The police response to a sign-waver acting alone is shameful and over the top. Counter-arrests and civil lawsuits are in order.

KN@PPSTER said...


I hang with enough civil disobedience types to understand that this guy went there with the specific intent of committing civil disobedience and getting arrested, and he got what he came for.

Whether or not his civil rights were technically violated, I haven't been able to find enough detail to determine.

For some reason, the cops take a pass every time I do the civil (or for that matter, uncivil) disobedience thing. It's kind of embarrassing. Tamara managed to get arrested once, blocking a shipment of JDAMs for the invasion of Pola ... er, Iraq.

Gary said...

Civil disobedience - in the great tradition of Sam Adams and Gandhi.

The Right Guy said...

And Jesus and MLK and Malcolm X...See a trend here?

Ran / SVP said...

...or whether or not waiving a freaking sign constitutes civil "disobedience."

Likewise, I can't tell if this is all the guy was up to.

If he was dropping grenades off the balcony, shoot him. Water balloons, arrest him. Mouthing-off and waiving a sign... at an open-invitation event, which is NOT a private club... Counter-arrests and civil lawsuits are in order.

The day speech becomes "disobedience" is a sad day indeed.

Ran / SVP said...

One more thing: Where the HELL was President Diversity? Seems to have run fresh-out of "stand-down!" orders, hasn't he?

Where the HELL did he use them all up?

I recall Clinton and the gay aids heckler - forgotten the man's name - but WJC was magnanimous and patient. Fot that much Clinton has my respect.

Eric Dondero said...

Tom's right. Cops hate political shit. Every single time I've gotten into jousts with them on streets while petitioning they've backed down. That's like over 30 incidents.

KN@PPSTER said...


Yes, cops hate political shit.

And they also realize that the people they're watching are TRYING to get arrested, for the publicity or whatever.

So it's natural for them to be like "I'm just not going to mess with this unless I have to." And they really only have to if there's been enough publicity beforehand that they'd look like they weren't doing their jobs if they didn't make arrests.

That's one reason I gave up on that whole line of thinking. Civil disobedience has always been theater, but it's gone from reasonably entertaining opera to "Rugrats -- All Grown Up."

The last "civil disobedience" arrest I saw was actually NEGOTIATED before the event ever happened. The protest organizers went to the cops, explained what they were going to do, and the cops explained how many people they were going to arrest, and everyone knew what time it was all going to happen. The cops had the correct number of buses waiting for the arrestees. The people who did or didn't want to be arrested knew exactly which side of a visible line to be on. The bail money was already lined up. The DA already had a standard plea bargain drawn up, and it was pre-approved by the DA, by the judge, and by the company on whose property the protest was going to take place.

It was like driving through McDonald's and ordering the McGandhi. And I don't see that it accomplished a damn thing.

The Right Guy said...

Some "civil rights leaders" and "community organizers" like it because it can generate walking money.