Friday, November 30, 2012

Oregon Republican legislator nails it: Democrat voters lazy-asses who pretty much don't work for a living

From Eric Dondero:

While pansy-ass Republican establishment types are talking "reaching out," and "softening the GOP message," one legislator in Oregon talks forthrightly about why Republicans lost the election.

Our side is just too busy working for a living to worry about politics, he asserts.

Representative Shawn Lindsay, Blue Oregon, "It's not me, it's you. And you're stupid":
I think it's pure operations. If you crunch the numbers, Romney lost by a total of 403,000 votes in swing states. If he had gotten those votes, he would have won. Obviously, we need to tweak the platform and message, but let's be honest. The Democrats have a machine to get out the vote. They have labor unions, a lot of special interests and they're all well oiled. (Nationally), the Republican (voting) surge is after 5 o'clock because that's when Republicans get off of work. We need to reverse engineer what the Democrats do. Take what they do and improve it. (Emphasis added)
Editor's comment - Fuck it. If we're going to lose we might as well go down swinging, telling like it is, rather than paint our message with pretty pastels. Shawn Lindsay is 100% correct. Pity more Republican legislators don't have the balls to speak the truth. Here's hoping Mr. Lindsay runs for higher office in Oregon.


Rational Nation USA said...

More excuses. Lousy flip flopping candidates that have a weak message lose elections. Unless the rEpublican party figures this out it's all over. So... Figure it out instead of finding excuses.

Chuck said...

What the fuck do you care? You don't vote for republicans anyway. You elect democrats.

Rational Nation USA said...

Chuck, I used to be Vice Chair of my town's Republican town committee. I left the parry because of the ascendancy of socons and neocons. People who IMNHO are void of rational thought and any new ideas. You're right, there isn't much I care for about the current rEpublican party.

But there is always hope. I suppose.

Eric Dondero said...

Les, what you don't understand is that it is all over, already. The USA died on Nov. 6, 2012, with the reelection of the Communist-Nazi from Hell, Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama.

Best now for the GOP to go down swinging. Just punch the living shit out of the assholes in the Democrat Party at every opportunity.

If we can't win with Romney, the perfect candidate, we ain't never gonna win. It's over. Might as well have fun now while Rome burns.